Gee, Brownie – thanks a lot! Gov. Brown vetoes both Gregory Canyon landfill ban and big-box requirements

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Getting rid of all the paper on his desk, Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday, October 9th, vetoed two pieces of legislation that would have been helpful to San Diego County.

Brown vetoed legislation that would have blocked a disputed landfill in North San Diego County, which is a major victory for Gregory Canyon LLC, developers of the long-pursued landfill proposed along state Route 76 near the Pala Indian Reservation, and a defeat for the rest of us, including the Pala tribe.  Gregory Canyon, near the Pala Indian Reservation, is considered by the tribe as sacred, known as “Chokla,” a resting place for a tribal spirit named Takwic. A landfill would desecrate such a sacred ritual place, as well as nearby medicine rock marked with Native American pictographs, plus it would jeopardize the nearby San Luis Rey River, says the San Diego U-T.

In addition, Brown also vetoed legislation that would have required big-box superstores – such as Wal-Mart – to submit a comprehensive economic analysis report when applying for a permit.  The legislation grew out of Wal-Mart’s fight with the City of San Diego.   The bill – Senate Bill 469 – “would have required supercenters to address more than a dozen possible economic side-effects, such as the loss of jobs if competitors close, increased demand for public services by low-wage employees and potentially lower property values if storefronts are emptied,” so reports the San Diego U-T.

So, yeah, thanks a lot, Brownie! You’ll doing one heck of a job!

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intrested party October 10, 2011 at 3:27 pm

and no more open carry …..


oBak October 11, 2011 at 9:02 am

Yeah, bad news for people on both sides.


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