Anti-tax zealot Richard Rider doesn’t think the poor deserve a hot meal.

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Richard Rider.

Everyone deserves a hot meal, Richard!

Two Cathedrals/ January 21, 2011

After the County Board of Supervisors gave the thumbs up last week to a new program to help more San Diegans eat hot meals , anti-government zealot Richard Rider decided to weigh in with a particularly distasteful press release/incoherent rant . The point — maybe — is that it’s a bad idea to allow people who receive public food assistance to get discounted hot meals as part of that assistance. Rider’s tortured argument is that people who are receiving this assistance probably can’t handle a budget, so they’ll just blow it all on milkshakes within a week.

In other words, Rider thinks there’s an obvious correlation between struggling financially and being stupid. He doesn’t offer anything in the way of documentation (he’s just being “blunt”) for these wild declarations, it seems to just be some random, unsubstantiated thoughts that popped into his head.

He seems to either not know or not care that there are significant restrictions on what sorts of hot meals can be purchased in this program, and that they’re offered at a steeply discounted price to program participants.

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