San Diego budget cuts target OB Fire Station for ‘brown-outs’ and reduction in lifeguards

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fire station 15 OBA local news source has reported that the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department is considering adding the Ocean Beach Fire Station on Voltaire – a one-unit fire station – to its list of fire-stations subject to “brown-outs”, as part of the budget cutting for fiscal year 2012. Reductions in lifeguard services are also being contemplated to meet the $72 million budget deficit.

San Diego Community News Group (they publish the Peninsula-Beacon and other news outlets) quoted SDFD Chief Javier Mainar stating:

“We will have to — for the first time — consider browning out single-unit fire stations.”

Mainar said that Station 22 on Catalina Boulevard and Station 15 on Voltaire Street are single-engine fire stations that could be considered for brownouts.

For lifeguards, Ocean Beach – along with other beaches north – could lose what’s termed “a lifeguard level-I tower relief.”

The News Group also reported an adverse reaction from Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who represents Ocean Beach:

“The council is not interested in making [those] cuts. I will not support those cuts. The choice is not between cuts or taxes. The choice is between reform or taxes.”

Ed Harris, the Lifeguard union rep from the Teamsters is also quoted:

“In my opinion, we’ve already cut Sunset Cliffs. We virtually have eliminated the large surf staffing.”

It is reported that Sunset Cliffs “has already seen fewer lifeguards as a result of the shrinking budget. …In years past, lifeguards posted a truck and staff along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard during large surf.”

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Brian Marvel October 21, 2010 at 11:34 am

It is easy for Councilman Faulconer to say he won’t cut public safety. Unfortunately, his track record does not indicate that. In January, he voted to cut 133 vacant sworn officer positions along with 80+ civilian positions. These civilian positions are either being left vacant or being filled by sworn officers who were working other assignments including patrol. The SDPD is currently operating at pre-1993 staffing levels and getting leaner each year. I believe it is very disingenuous for Councilman Faulconer and DeMaio to say public safety will not be touched by budget cuts. Neither of them have a plan to solve the current deficit before July 1st.

Brian Marvel
President, SDPOA

Prop 19 October 21, 2010 at 11:39 am

$72 million budget deficit??? I wonder where we can find some money to help out? Hmmm…??? Prop 19!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote Yes!

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