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sunset pelig pier jgrant sept10 -sm

Pelicans in the sunset, September 10, 2010, OB, by Jim Grant. (click on image for larger version)

San Diego Surf Band – The Professors – In “Terriers”

The Professors – a San Diego based surf band landed songs in the new Ocean Beach-based TV show Terriers, which premiered this month. In the debut episode, their song “Tigershark” plays as show characters get jumped in a parking lot and escape. (See mention in The Reader here.)

Liberty Station Pledge Up In Smoke (and mirrors)?

Some oppose proposal to tear down gathering facility

By Matthew T. Hall / U-T SignOnSanDiego /  September 13, 2010

In winning state approval to turn the former Naval Training Center in Point Loma into a cluster of houses, hotels and stores, the Corky McMillin Companies made a commitment in 2001 to keep Building 623 open to the public for gatherings at little or no cost half of the time.

Now, McMillin wants to tear down the neighborhood’s largest meeting space, which it says sits idle too often, and replace it with 350 hotel rooms.

Residents of Liberty Station, as the development is known, say that would be a broken promise. They complain the high cost of using the former chapel has turned people away, creating a justification to raze it.

For the remainder of this article, go here.

More Comments on the ‘OB Jazz Festival’

Scene Made in OB

by Robert Bush / The Reader / September 14, 2010

The O.B. Music and Arts Festival emerged from its economically influenced hiatus on September 11, more ambitious than ever with 7 venues and 27 acts.

Difficult to pick standouts, but the performance of the Geoffrey Keezer Trio at Winston’s was inspired. Keezer is an internationally acclaimed pianist and his trio included the outstanding L.A. bassist Hamilton Price and local drum hero Duncan Moore.

For the remainder of this very short article, go here.

Criticism of Price

by Dave Rice / The Reader / September 12, 2010

After a yearlong hiatus, numerous O.B. residents and visitors welcomed the Jazz 88 Ocean Beach Music & Art Festival (formerly the O.B. Jazz Fest) back to Newport Avenue on Saturday, September 11.

One aspect of this gathering set it apart from the numerous fairs, festivals, and parades that Newport plays host to every year: paid admission.

For the remainder of this short article, go here.

OB Kindergarten In News

by Emily Alpert / Voice of San Diego / September 12, 2010

It was the very first day of kindergarten at Ocean Beach Elementary. Yet as the children settled in with storybooks, some were already far ahead of their classmates.

“I finished my book,” declared one boy with curly hair, who’d been to preschool. When a classmate offered him another book, the boy said he’d already read it.

Some children had been prepped in preschool and some hadn’t. Some were six months older or more, giving them an edge in maturity and motor skills, while others, often younger, had trouble focusing on a task or froze up when given directions. When they sat down to draw self portraits, one boy took a single crayon and scribbled wildly — a sign that teachers monitor for motor skills — while a girl with pigtails neatly sketched a face and added pupils and eyelashes.

For the remainder of this article, go here.

2 months on a kayak to Ocean Beach

New Jersey woman paddles from Seattle to San Diego to call attention to ocean polluters

By Robert J. Hawkins / U-T / September 12, 2010

The Jersey Shore met Ocean Beach on Sunday morning. Nobody got punched. Nobody got arrested. And no reality TV cameras were on the beach to record this meeting for posterity.

The real reality: Margo Pellegrino, 43, of New Jersey steered her 21-foot Kamano outrigger kayak through the three foot surf and then carried it onto the sand about 30 yards north of the Ocean Beach Pier about 10:40 a.m.

She high-fived her “land crew goddess,” June Barnard of San Francisco, and in unison the two of them screamed “No hulis!”

For the remainder of this article, go here.

Who is Buried in Presidio Park? – Sept 16th

Author Richard Carrico presents: Archaeology At Presidio de San Diego: Thurs., Sept. 16, 2010, 7 p.m. sponsored by the OB Historical Society at PL United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.

Noted historian Richard L. Carrico will discuss life and death at the Presidio de San Diego, Alta California’s first European settlement from 1769-1875. In this interesting and highly informative talk Richard will tell you who lived and died at the presidio, how they were buried, how many of the more than 200 persons who were buried in the camposanto were excavated by archaeologists, and when was Alta California’s first non-Indian cemetery abandoned.

Want to know how many “true” full-blooded Spaniards lived at the presidio?How many Indians worked and died there? Who was the Indian leader imprisoned for weeks and upon his death buried at the presidio? Who were the children interred at the presidio? What American sea captain and his mixed-blood daughter is buried on Presidio Hill? Who is the American mountain man and fur trapper buried in non-consecrated ground? All of this and more will presented in an engaging visual lecture. Richard Carrico teaches at San Diego State University Department of American Indian Studies and Recuerdos Research.His extensive research and writing about our local history and Indian cultures mixes intrigue with historical events that will make for a memorable evening. Please join us Sept. 16th.

Famous Famosa Slough Bird-Watching Tour – Sept 18th

Easy walk with variety of birds and views of salt marsh habitat hosted by Friends of Famosa Slough starts at kiosk on Famosa Boulevard. Bring binoculars if you have them. For more info, call 619-224-4591.  Saturday, Sept. 18, 1 p.m. * Admission: Free; West Point Loma Boulevard and Famosa Boulevard

“Alice and Artists in Wonderland” at Baron Gallery in OB – Sept 18th

Tea and wine open house in celebration of “bid to buy” auction and extension of current exhibit, including work by artists Hyacinthe Kuller Baron, Darby Kelly, Jessica Johnson, Crystal Powell, Craig Hewitt, many others “who have interpreted Alice their way.” Closes Saturday, October 30. RSVP: 760-408-1881.  Saturday, Sept. 18, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. * Admission: Free at the Baron Gallery at  4985 Voltaire Street in OB.

Souplantation Hosts “Funraisers” for GATE Programs – Sept 20 – Sept 30 – pledges 15%

Souplantation hosts a “funraiser” to raise proceeds for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs of San Diego Unified School District. Starts Monday, Sept. 20, 5 to 8 p.m., The Point Loma Souplantation location, at 3960 West Point Loma Blvd., will participate. 15% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the program. Additional GATE fundraisers are planned at the same location at the same times on Thursday, Sept. 23; Monday, Sept. 27; and Thursday, Sept. 30. For more information, call (619) 222-7404.

Party benefit for Walk for the Cure at noon designs – Sept 22nd

Come by noon designs for a party to benefit tatas in transition – the 3 Day Walk for the Cure – Wednesday, September 22nd, from 4 to 8pm; silent auction, wine and snacks.  At 5022 Santa Monica, call 619-523-1744.

“Redistricting: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” Forum at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse – Sept 23rd

The League of Women Voters of San Diego hosts a luncheon titled “Redistricting: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly,” Thursday, Sept. 23, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., featuring several high-profile speakers in a panel forum about the effects of redistricting at the city, county, state and national levels. Panelists include San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland; former City Attorney Michael Aguirre,  Vladamir Kogan of UCSD,  and Kathay Fong, executive director of California Common Cause, who co-authored and help win passage of Prop 11 to reform state redistricting. The cost of the event is $22 for league members and $27 for nonmembers. The event takes place at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Restaurant, 2150 Harbor Island Drive. For more information, call (858) 483-8696, or visit www.lwvsandiego.org.

Celebrate the Cabrillo Festival – Sept 25-26

The bayside half of Point Loma comes alive during the Cabrillo Festival each year, held to commemorate the landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo on Ballast Point on September 28, 1542. See here for a list of the events.

Ocean Beach Craft Fair – Sept 25th

Saturday, September 25, 9am to 3pm. At the foot of Newport Ave., in the grassy area by the pier. Check out the array of local handmade art and crafts!

26th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day at Dog Beach – Sept 25th

On Sat, 09/25/2010 – 9:00am – 11:00am, you and your friendly dog are invited to join Friends of Dog Beach at this Special Beach Cleanup at Dog Beach. Co-sponsored by I Love a Clean San Diego and San Diego Coastkeeper. Call 619-523-1700 for more information. All cleanup supplies will be provided, along with treats for you and your dog! “Leave only footprints.”

Community-based School Reform – Town Meeting at PLHS – Oct 6th

There will be town hall meetings in each area “cluster” within the San Diego Unified School District in the next few weeks to explain the concept of community based reform and discuss other issues relevant to education in San Diego. The meeting for the Point Loma/Mission Bay clusters is set for Wednesday, Oct. 6th, from 6:30- 8pm at Point Loma High School (Media Center) 2335 Chatsworth Blvd.

Next Planning Board General Meeting – Oct 6th

The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets on the First Wednesday of every month at 6:00PM at the Ocean Beach Recreation Center at 4726 Santa Monica Ave.  The Ocean Beach Project Review Committee meets on the Third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 at the Ocean Beach Recreation Center at 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

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Frank Gormlie September 18, 2010 at 3:43 pm


On Day 4 of global days of solidarity and support for alleged Wikileaks whistleblower, Pfc. Bradley Manning, San Diego activists & advocates of peace & transparency will take to the streets for a protest and rally calling for the release and justice in the case of this brave young hero or scapegoat and to make our voices heard that



Marjorie Cohn: Professor of Law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California, author and a former president of the National Lawyers Guild.

Loraine Reitman: Founding member and on the steering committe of The Bradley Manning Support Network

Nick “Mutt” Velvet: Member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War & activist and advocate for political prisoners

Justin Kauker: Former naval officer & conscientious objector

Michael Anderson: Labor organizer & queer activist

Already, organizations from all parts of the San Diego progressive community are signing on in solidarity with Bradley Manning and are calling for his release. We hope that your group is the next to sign on!

We, the Undersigned, call for the immediate release of US Army PFC Bradley Manning, incarcerated as of 18 June 2010.

Media accounts state that Mr. Manning was arrested in late May for allegedly leaking the video of US Apache helicopter pilots killing innocent people and seriously wounding two children in Baghdad, including those who arrived to help the wounded. The video was released by WikiLeaks under the name “Collateral Murder”. Pfc. Manning is also identified by the Defense Department as a “person of interest” in the investigation into WikiLeaks obtaining 90,000 battlefield reports describing thousands of civilian deaths inflicted by occupation forces in Afghanistan, collusion with warlords, corruption and an unvarnished view of our decade-long war.

If these allegations are untrue, we call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

If these allegations ARE true, we ALSO call upon the US Department of Defense to release Mr. Manning immediately.

The leaked video, released by WikiLeaks under the title Collateral Murder, clearly shows that official statements from the multinational force in Baghdad that “there is no question that Coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force” were blatantly false. The leaker of this video blew the whistle on two crimes: the murder of civilians and an official coverup. Exposing these crimes was a moral and legal obligation and a service to the international community. The leaker deserves our respect and thanks—not prosecution.

We express our support for Mr. Manning in any case, and our admiration for his courage if he is, in fact, the person who disclosed the information. Like in the cases of Daniel Ellsberg, W. Mark Felt, Frank Serpico and countless other whistleblowers before, government demands for secrecy must yield to public knowledge and justice when government crime and corruption are being kept hidden. If the United States government demands to use our tax dollars and our own children to fight this war, then we must demand full disclosure of the facts, no matter how unsettling. We demand that the government stop the misinformation and we honor heroes who fight for transparency.


Editordude September 19, 2010 at 11:04 am

We can never tell when an “OB Flashes” will be a hit or not. Some times we strike gold and there’s lots of comments to it, but this week we seem not to be able to get a rise out of anybody. What’s up with that? Not enough cow bell? Let us know, will ya?


Frank Gormlie September 21, 2010 at 9:04 am


Just a quick reminder that the Adams Avenue street fair is this weekend in Normal Heights. The website for detailed info is:

As for music must-sees, I would recommend the following for Saturday (which goes to 9pm);
Exene Cervenka (the indie singer of X)
OHM (former Zappa guitarist Mike Kenneally)
Robert Walter (former Greyboy All Star and great keyboard player)
Maren Parusel (for you pop music fans)
Jack Tempchin (performing with Rocket Science)
Fully Fullwood Band (for you reggae lovers)

For Sunday (goes to 6pm);
Mariachi El Bronx (#1 on my list)
James Harman (for you blues lovers)
Peter Case (formerly of the Plimsouls, roots-rock out of Buffalo NY)
Scarlet Symphony (rock)
The Lions (reggae)

One more recommendation is to explore and listen to some bands –particularly our tremendous local talent — that you are not familiar with. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Hope to see you all this weekend!


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