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Patty and red camaro 005 -sm-g

That's Patty waving from her red 67 Camaro.

Once in a while, there’s so much going on at the OB Rag, that we just have to share.

Anonymous Donor Buys New Lap top for OB Rag

OB Rag laptop -smThe OB Rag had only been in its second day of fundraising for a new laptop, when the call came. The voice said, “We think we have a laptop for you,” and with that intro, one of our close supporters informed us that they were so impressed by what we’re doing and by the responses from our readers, that they were offering us $500 to get that laptop we’ve been talking about for months. Tears came to all our eyes, as we were so taken.  On Memorial Day we met them at Fryes to see what they had to offer, and we ended up going online and buying a $500 ASUS.  I’ve been using it all day and have posted three articles now with the new machine.  We’ve been using a borrowed one, but now we can set up shop at the local coffeehouses and blog all day.

We love you guys! You anonymous donor(s).

After SDNN Picks Up Gormlie’s Piece on Woman Feeding the Homeless – It Collapses

The online news site SDNN (San Diego News Network) had very recently made an agreement with me, as one of the main bloggers here at the OB Rag, to do an exchange.  They would publish a story from me weekly and link to our website in exchange. It sounded good as we wanted to drive up traffic and thought this might be a good opportunity to do just that. So, I sent my last post on Lupe Haley, the Christian woman who feeds OB homeless and hungry every Monday, to SDNN last week.  It was finally published on Sunday, May 30th.

In the meantime, however, Reader columnist Don Bauder was publishing news that SDNN was being sold and that most of the employees had been laid off, freelancers were told not to do any work past June 1.  SDNN since is publishing and still has not announced publicly their situation.  But it sounds like a mess.  Looks like they’re using “free” guest contributors like me to keep their pages full.  Oh well, back to the drawing board for me.

Patty and red camaro 002 - smPatty’s back in her Camaro

For years now, Patty Jones of the OB Rag founders, has been talking about her ’67 red camaro. This past holiday weekend, she got to do more than talk.  The brakes were fixed, a tune up was had, and she spent some time waxing.  It was all ready to go when she drove to work Tuesday morning.  Now, she’s gettin’ all kinds of smiles and stares.

OB Ragsters Set Sail

Among our varied blog staff and close supporters, we have three sailors – all with their own boats: Jon Christensen, Gregg Robinson, and Stu Seymore.  Well, all three boarded a jet airplane late last week and flew to the Bahamas to board another ship – this one a rented 40 footer. They’ll be sailing amongst the Virgin Islands, debating the nuances of politics no doubt.

Special on T-shirts for a new camera – Only $15!

Even though, we now have a new laptop, we also need a new digital camera, so we’re continuing our fundraising drive. In that spirit, we’re offering a Special on our black T-shirts.  They’re only $15.00 now with $3 s&h.  Help us and we’ll be able to bring you fresh photos right off your sand-swept favorite beach. (See the homepage sidebar for more details.)

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Sarah June 3, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Nice car, Patty!


tj June 3, 2010 at 8:23 pm

Nice care indeed!

A genuine American classic that actually appreciates in value. Union made in the USA, & by a USA company, too.

Congrats on the computer donation.

For future reference – a HP, Apple or Dell would have provided additional support for USA workers/ companies/ families. The communist Chinese oppressors (Tibet, Tiananmen Square, etc) have a virtual monopoly on the mfg now, & get that end by defult. Why give them all the design, tech, mgmt, etc too?

Asus (Chinese) – “In September 2008, PC Pro discovered through a reader that Asus had shipped laptops that contained cracked and pirated software. Both physical machines and recovery CDs contained confidential documents from Microsoft and other organizations, internal Asus documents, and sensitive personal information including CVs. At the time, an Asus spokesperson promised an investigation at “quite a high level”, but declined to comment on how the files got on the machines and recovery media.”

Something to think about when making purchases – retaining as much capital as possible in the USA – to support American families & their jobs.


Frank Gormlie June 3, 2010 at 9:32 pm

tj – Thanks for the feedback. Interesting points. Hey, just as a side note, the phrase “communist … oppressors” is an oxymoron. The Chinese government is NOT a socialist or communist one, more of a state capitalist regime, where the government, the state, is the largest capitalist. The Chinese own a lot of this country, they’re a major trading partner, and yes, the government oppresses its own citizens as well as it does Tibetans. I’m not going to get worked up in some kind of anti-Chinese frenzy – which is very easy for Californians to do (see California history of racism vs Chinese-Americans), especially while our government is fighting at least two wars – I’m stopping, am getting carried away here and I didn’t mean to.


tj June 4, 2010 at 9:27 am

Frank G,

“Communist oppressors” is an oxymoron?

China not communist?

Nationalism is racism?

hummm ….


Frank Gormlie June 4, 2010 at 10:25 am

tj, did not mean to unleash on you. Just something you said in passing. It is true, but let me be the one to break it to ya: China is not “communist” – by definition. Go look it up. Rule Number Two in politics is: a country, person, party or movement is not what they call themselves, they are defined by what they do and how they treat people. I never said “nationalism is racism” – I’ve written several posts on politics, left vs right, on this blog, and if you’re interested, I’ll route you towards them.


tj June 5, 2010 at 10:36 am


I didn’t feel unleashed upon, at all.

I appreciate the dialog, site & your contributions.

The generous computer donation, too!

Have a nice weekend.


Butler June 8, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Dude, SDNN has been using people since its inception.

Most of the people there were not being paid the way real workers get paid — hourly pay for work done. They were being paid per page views — which came out to less than minimum wage.

The founder of the Web site was run off by a husband/wife team who were pretty clueless and were constantly exaggerating the success in hopes of cashing in before the bottom fell out.

Do not let those folks USE YOU without being paid. That’s why so many others went in and out of SDNN’s revolving door.

Most people want to be paid for services rendered. SDNN wants services without paying for them.


Frank Gormlie June 8, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Uh, thanks for the … uh heads-up.


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