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Three thousand marchers descended on the Federal Building in downtown San Diego, today, May 1st, in protest of the new immigration law passed by the State of Arizona. They had at first rallied in Chicano Park, and then paraded over to the other side of downtown.

Already in front of the Federal Building was an estimated 150 counter-demonstrators, waving anti-immigrant signs,and making noise. About another hundred folks, supportive of the marchers, were on the opposite side of the street.

As the march proceeded from the Park to downtown, neighborhood residents and others joined it as it made its way northwest.

Once the marchers reached Front Street they swarmed the area, completely overwhelming in sheer numbers, chants, signs and flags those protesting the protest.

Police and protest security stood between the two groups who were separated by only one lane. Several remarked how close the police allowed the two sides to get to one another.

Once they passed the counter-rally, the marchers staged a gathering with speeches and more chanting. The counter-protesters melted away.

The entire demonstration, the rally at Chicano Park, the march to the Federal Building with another rally was organized in only three days.

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Jon May 2, 2010 at 10:00 am

“The counter protestors melted away.” More like “slithered” away….

After witnessing first hand the counter protestors with their “deport Obama” signs, and calls for “castrating illegals!” I am convinced this is all about racial hatred and bigotry. There are no justifications for the hateful sentiment I saw across the street from us yesterday.

On a positive note, watching the marchers arrive by the thousands, drumming, chanting, celebrating our diversity, culture and humanity, made me proud to be American. This IS what Democracy looks like. Like it or not, Mexico is a part of us and we need each other. As one of my favorite signs said yesterday, “No human being is illegal.”


Ernie McCray May 2, 2010 at 11:51 am

I loved the looks on the counter demonstrators’ faces when the masses of gentes turned left on Front Street from Broadway, led by drums and dancers bringing music that began in a long ago day. The looks were ones of foul loud mouthed trash talkers facing reality, right trumping wrong. The energy of those moments fueled the rest of my day which was a great day in every way. Ah, life in a democracy, eh?


Cathy Juarez May 11, 2010 at 11:46 am

I attended the March with my husband I daughters ages 6 and 11. We are Mexican-Americans, many people that support Arizona have the dumb idea that all that protested against Arizona are Illegal, “You are very WRONG!” I took my young daughters with me to see that WE TOO have a strugle against racism against our people, Whos next! They did it to black and to our people who were here first! Just because you bring your silly racist laws doesn’t mean it’s going to ride for us Mexicans that can Vote! Voting is my POWER against people like that!


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