Saturday Mar. 22nd Downtown San Diego: 100 Protesters Stage Die-In Against the War

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Peaceful Protest Ends Week-Long Series of Antiwar Demonstrations

Protesters have number stenciled on shirts to represent casualties of Iraq WarSAN DIEGO, CA. They assembled in a downtown park at First and Island Avenue today, Mar. 22nd at roughly 2pm. As they waited for the word to move out to the “die-in” site, most had their white T-shirts stenciled with the number “15703” representing the number of both American and Iraqi deaths divided by the estimated number of people involved in the protest. Finally, the word came and they moved in small groups and pairs several blocks north to be right in front of NBC’s downtown office on Broadway and 3rd Street.

NBC cameraman, the only mainstream media we saw at the Die In todayOnce they reached Broadway, they laid down on the cement – just a half dozen at first. But by time all had reached the site, the total was 92.

Protesters “Die In” for peaceThey were very peaceful in their silent protest. Mostly young people, they came from colleges and high schools in the area – with the average age of the protester about 22. Another 10 supporters hung around the edges, taking photos, drawing chalk outlines of the “dead.”

They laid there for at least a half hour, as tourists walked by and watched, intrigued with the scene. Several San Diego Police officers stood across the street observing. Security personnel of the building were not happy, but the cops were nonchalant when they complained.

Organized by local groups 911 Truth and Scene Diego, this demonstration culminated a week of antiwar protests commemorating the 5th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq by US forces.

Die In for Peace, Third & Broadway, San Diego, March 22 2008

San Diego Had 4 Different Protests During the Week – All By Different People & Groups

From Friday, the 14th up to today, San Diego witnessed four different antiwar demonstrations within the City. It was either a sign of strength of the peace movement or a sign of weakness, but each protest event was held by different groups and people. Last Friday – Veterans for Peace did their thing, protesting the pro-war group which was kicking off an event aboard the Midway. Then Saturday, the 15th, there was of course the largest event – the march and rally in City Heights, sponsored by San Diego’s Coalition for Peace and Justice – which included the Vets naturally. Next was MoveOn’s candle-light vigil held in Balboa Park Wednesday night, the 19th, and then there was today’s protest, by far the most youthful.

The Vets were at the large rally but the main peace groups were not at the Vets’ thing. MoveOn had their 250 gray-hairs rally which the main peace coalition did not attend. And the youth held their offense this afternoon. Some of the youth at today’s event were at the large rally, but again, the main peace group folks did not show up for today’s die-in. (Apparently, Patty & I were the only ones who attended all four – well, we are journalist bloggers.)

Someday, perhaps the day when the number of American deaths reaches 4,000, we will all come together – again.

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nunya March 22, 2008 at 7:35 pm

I’m sure the # is there already, but it won’t be reported over the holiday

Oh my, cynical much, me?


Nina March 22, 2008 at 7:36 pm

Once again the OB rag has the info.

News can be happening right in front of the news stations such as NBC and they ignore it.

All you have to do is to go to one of these protests and see how little media coverage there is and compare it to other news stories and then you understand how controlled the news media actually is.

San Diego die is was fun. I recommend going to any of these events. It does not take that long to be a part of things and make a difference.

When someone thinks they make no difference just think of a mosquito in your bedroom when your trying to sleep. A little effort can go along way.



Patty Jones March 22, 2008 at 7:58 pm

Hey Nina, sorry we didn’t get to meet at the die in. It was fun, especially being around so many young people. I think I was probably the oldest person on the ground. And it was a great warm day downtown to be laying on the cool concrete!


Rich K. March 22, 2008 at 10:09 pm

Glad you and Patty were able to attend all four events and report on them. The photos really bring the events to life for those of us not able to participate. But four somewhat separate events; strength or weakness …? Good question, I’m turning that over in my mind, too …


Nina March 22, 2008 at 11:48 pm

Some people may be dismayed at not having an enormous number of people at whatever event they go to however ….

If everyone showed up at an event there would be no reason to be there as everyone would know all the information and it would be accepted knowledge.


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