Protests Continue as U.S. War Deaths Reach 4,000

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4,000 US servicewomen and men. This number of deaths was reached Sunday, March 23rd. Protests against the Iraq war and occupation continue across this country and internationally. We will continue to publish reports and accounts of these demonstrations as well as do updates about the protests from this past weekend, March 19th and March 15th.

AMERICAN PROTESTS – (this report is continually updated)

MURFREESBORO, TN. Students from Middle Tennessee State University staged a die-in

CHARLOTTE, N.C. University of North Carolina students organized a die-in. Student walkout against US war in Iraq at UNC-Asheville.

CHAPEL HILL, NC. 450 students rallied and 300 marched through campus and into the community, occupying the main intersection in town before ending with a closing rally on the steps of the administration building.

ASHVILLE, NC. Students for a Democratic Society organized a walk-out.  For more on these student protests, go here.

GRAND FORKS, ND. Students at the U. of ND organized a massive walkout.

MILLERSVILLE, PA. More walk-outs by local college students.

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND. Students occupied military recruiting centers risking arrest.

ORLANDO, FL. At the University of Central Florida, students lined 500 pairs of shoes on walkways, each filled with a card noting an Iraqi woman or child who died in the war.

PORTLAND, OR. Over 1000 high school students walked out of school and joined a downtown march numbering in the thousands. The crowd was met by harassment and tear gas from police. The following day, hundreds more students boycotted school and continued their demonstration against the war.

SAN JOSE, CA. On March 19, 150 rallied in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, and then marched to the Federal Building.

PALO ALTO,CA. March 19: 25 people waved antiwar signs and banners at passing motorists, receiving a warm response from passing BMWs.

BOSTON, MA. Hundreds gathered to protest at UMASS.

PITTSFIELD, MA. Mar. 20: 50 locals took to city streets to march for peace, and walked the nearly 3 mile course, and then assembled at a local church and took turns reading the hometowns of the 882 U.S. soldiers who were killed in 2007.

PHOENIX, AZ. On 3/19: Dozens with signs converged on Sen. John McCain’s offices in downtown Phoenix. There was a rally with speakers, music, and than a candle light vigil was held. Go here for photos.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI. 200 plus protesters took to the streets, and marched through downtown. Police used intimidation tactics, and grabbed two demonstrators out of the crowd. Go here.

PITTSBURGH, PA. 65 demonstrators gathered in the cold and rain in front of the Carnegie Mellon University to protest the military-funded educational institution, organized by Pittsburgh Organizing Group. Go here.

WISCONSIN. Antiwar demonstrations and protests were held in the following Wisconsin cities: Appleton, Elm Grove, Evansville, Kenosha, Madison, Mauitowoc, Mazomanie and Minocqua.

MADISON. On 3/19, a group of about 150 protesters marched around the Capitol continuing into the Madison office of U.S. Senator Herb Kohl, D-Wis., where they were forced to leave when Kohl sent in the U.S. Homeland Security Department, although no arrests were made.

TWIN CITIES AREA. On March 15, 2,000 demonstrators lined the sidewalk in front of the Uptown Library, carrying signs, banners and flags. The crowd included over a 100 high school students; after a free speeches, the protesters marched to Loring Park. On March 19, 800 demonstrators gathered on a bridge over the Mississippi River. Also, hundreds attended Eyes Wide Open Exhibit at the State Capitol, an antiwar exhibit. For more, go here.

DULUTH, MN. March 21 was the day of main event – and began with a march from the MN Power Plaza down several blocks to the local YWCA where an indoor rally was held, attended by approximately 125 people. For more, go here.

CARBONDALE, IL. A rally of about 70 people was held at the Interfaith Center. Half of a dozen of these protesters have been holding a vigil since the war began. Opposition has disappeared and what was once a negative reception of spitting, cursing and obscene hand gestures has turned into mostly supportive honking and thumbs-up signs from passing motorists.

AUSTIN, TX – March 15, more than 1,000 musicians and peace activists gathered at the Texas State Capitol building, then snaked through the streets of downtown Austin and descended on City Hall for a three hour peace jam and concert, all in protest of the war in Irag on this, the fifth anniversary of the invasion.


BRUSSELS. Hundreds of demonstrations converged on the NATO headquarters just outside Brussels. Numbers of protesters was near 700. Police responded quickly with dogs, horses, pepper spray, clubs and water-cannon. Go here for this report.

ATHENS, GREECE. 1,000 rallied and marched in the Greek capital against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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