Reflections From an Evening with my Home Girl

January 30, 2011 by Ernie McCray
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I don’t know if we’ve ever been able, in our society, to truly talk and listen to each other but, at this point in time, we seem to be at an all time low at doing so. I remember when I first really began to notice how divided we are in our social intercourse. It […]

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Anna’s Video Pick – Marcos Efron’s Common Practice

January 13, 2011 by Anna Daniels
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There are moments which transcend the need for words. Marcos Efron’s short video “Common Practice” reveals one of those moments.

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OB Jazz Festival

September 12, 2010 by Doug Porter
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We ventured down to Newport Avenue on Saturday to check out the Jazz 88 OB Music & Art Festival. The sounds of jazz filled the air, and the crowds, while not as big as the Street Fair/Chili Cook Off, were decent. With 7 stages, 26 bands and 70 artists participating, there was certainly something for everybody, even if you didn’t have the thirty bucks to buy access to the paid stages. Newport Avenue was closed off between Bacon and Cable for the Artist booths. There were also numerous “craft” booths scattered about.

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OB Music Community – a golden garden tended with love and enthusiasm

October 28, 2009 by Dave Gilbert
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by Dave Gilbert

Winston’s? Sounds good!

Hey man! You want to know what OB’s coolest new best kept secret is? They just started this here in October so you may not be (as they say) hep to the jive, but it’s Happy Hour at Winston’s every Thursday evening from 5 til 8 pm. I don’t know about you, but I completely dig a no cover charge to hear some of Southern California’s best musical artists and acts perform at a great live venue while Kate the bartender serves up some great libations. Hey, maybe you’ve just always wanted to perform for your friends and others at a local night spot. A place that has national acts and yet still doesn’t break the bank while you knock back $2 “Nati Lites”, $3 “PBRs” and/or $2 house shots.

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Latest U-T Puff Piece on OB Celebrates Our Music

August 17, 2009 by Source

Editor: Every now and then the Union Tribune publishes a puff piece about Ocean Beach. They did it again – and this time it was about OB’s music and the CD Waves with music from OB bands.


By Mike Lee / Union-Tribune / originally published August 15, 2009

Ocean Beach in San Diego is known for its Bohemian vibe, a very long pier and, of course, its foamy curls.

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OB Music Rocks the House at “Waves” CD Release Party

July 18, 2009 by Doug Porter

by Doug Porter

The serenity of the Masonic Temple was banished for a few short hours last night as six Ocean Beach performing groups took to the stage to celebrate the release of a compilation CD that features local artists performing songs about the community.

The CD, entitled Waves, included fourteen tracks from Obcean musicians and photography from local photographer Jim Grant. It was compiled by producer Chuck Schiele in support of the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association’s 30th Annual Street Fair.

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‘We all had a great time’ – musically speaking – at the OB Street Fair

June 28, 2009 by Dave Gilbert

by Dave Gilbert

I love the OB street fair! I look forward to it the way a kid looks forward to Christmas. Yesterday’s was certainly no exception. I got an early start and showed up around 10 a.m. because my plan was to catch both John Taffola’s set and Bart Mendoza’s band the Shambles set too, but the best laid plans…. I caught one song by the School of Rock, (Somebody to Love) before I headed to the ATM to procure some 20’s.

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