Port of San Diego on Oversized Vehicle Parking on Shelter Island

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From Peninsula News / March 23, 2023

PLA member and former Officer, Ted Walker, attended the Port of San Diego’s public comment presentation concerning oversized vehicle parking at the Port’s Administrative Offices on March 16th.   The Port’s parking consultant presented the proposed regulation intended to address oversize vehicle parking on waterfront property, with particular focus on Shelter Island.

The new regulation defines the term “oversize” as a maximum of 20 feet long by 7 ½ feet tall and 7 feet wide.  Such vehicles will have to park, with their front end facing the curb, only in the designated spaces. No part of the vehicle, accessories or equipment will be allowed to extend outside the parking space lines on all 4 sides.

There will be a total of 10 spaces on the Island designated for vehicles longer than 20 feet.  Vehicles longer than 30 feet are not allowed to park on the Island, except temporarily for commercially unloading or loading.

When asked why the proposed regulation did not address a major concern of tenants and private citizens regarding vehicles parking on the Island every day for an extended period of time (homesteading or essentially in residency); the consultant explained that the Port’s approach is to have the regulations “evolve” over time and not try to remedy every issue at once.

CALL TO ACTION: On April 11th, starting at 1:00pm, the consultant and staff will present the proposed regulation to the full Board of Commissioners in the Port Administration Building.  Shelter Island is Point Loma’s “front porch”.  Participate in the April 11th meeting and let the Commissioners know how this gem should be preserved and used for all to enjoy.

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