Winners in Bodyboarding Competition Held in Ocean Beach

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Vert Magazine / Nov. 16, 2022

The California Bodyboarding Tour 2022 stopped off in Ocean Beach November 12th-13th for the US Festival.

As usual, the event was a get together of the boogie scene in Southern California despite the clean and small waves, with new faces showing up in Ocean Beach but also a couple legends like Jay Reale competing and winning, for the second year in a row, the Masters division.

Mack Crilley took the win in the Open Mens edging out Sammy Morretino who was also surfing solid all day. Sammy, on the other hand, won the Dropknee category leaving the current Dk world champ, Dave Hubbard, in second.

In the Ladies division the former world champion Ayaka Crilley sat the rhythm in the final and left all the opponents in comboland.

Final results:

Open Men
01. Mack Crilley 12.00 pts
02. Sammy Morretino 10.20 pts
03. Marcelo Freitas 8.63 pts
04. Hayato Enokido 8.20 pts

01. Ayaka Crilley 14.43 pts
02. Kanani Bustamente 7.43 pts
03. Vicki Reale 7.40 pts
04. Sara Martin 6.14 pts

01. Sammy Morretino 13.73 pts
02. Dave Hubbard 12.00 pts
03. Shaden Ahn 6.40 pts
04. Kawika Kamai 6.36 pts

01. Jay Reale 10.60 pts
02. Bob Cocco 8.93 pts
03. Juan Munguia 6.53 pts
04. Ivan Eisenhower 5.43 pts

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