Measure C Is a Referendum on Trust

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By John Ziebarth

Measure C should be a constructive discussion about affordable housing and redevelopment in the Midway/ Sports Arena area. Instead, it is a referendum on how much you trust the Mayor and the City Council to regulate development.

In 1972, Prop D established the 30’ height limit west of Interstate 5 because the public did not trust the City Council. Do you trust this City Council today or a City Council in the future?

In 2015, the council members from other districts approved One Paseo over the objection of the of councilmember for the affected district 3, affected community planning groups as well as the objections from the City of Del Mar and the City of Solana Beach. As a result of the Council decision, numerous community planning groups around the city rallied to oppose the decision and a public call was heard for a referendum.

The council rescinded their decision. A compromise was reached to allow the development to proceed, while generating half of the initial projected traffic volume. Thanks to the public, not the City Council.

How many communities as part of their community plan updates have been told that they need to identify where thousands of new residences shall be located, or the planning commission and the council will tell them? It is not a question of if these new homes are desired, but where will they be.

How many people agree with the council decision to eliminate parking requirements for multifamily residences and leave the decision on parking to the developer?

On Sports Arena, the City Council in July said that the base zone will govern. A little over one month later, City Council selected Midway Rising which exceeds the base zone height limit by 30 to 50% and doubles the housing density allowed in the base zone and community plan. They say one thing, but their actions say something else.

The Program Environmental Impact Report states that there are 16 significant unavoidable traffic impacts not including the freeways and interchange as part of the Midway/ Pacific Highway Community plan approval by City Council.

The City Council approved the Supplemental Environmental Impact Report that identified significant unavoidable visual impacts from the 65’ in the base zone despite knowing that Midway Rising proposed 84’ to 100’ structures. Do you trust the City Council to protect this city with respect to the environment based on their previous actions?

Measure C should be a constructive discussion about affordable housing and redevelopment in the Midway/ Sports Arena area. But it is not. Do you trust this Mayor and this City Council? In 1972, the public did not. What has changed today, that makes the public trust them more to protect our community?

John Ziebarth is an architect and planner and lives in Point Loma.

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Paul Webb November 1, 2022 at 4:17 pm

Spot on, John!


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