Remembering Martin and the FBI

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by Ernie McCray

A traitor
whines, and spins lies
about his “problems” with the FBI,
claiming they’re harassing him
when he had stolen from the government
boxes upon boxes of
classified information,
secrets about nuclear bombs, and shit,
serious gossip
about other governments,
and I just want to slap this fool
upside the head,
with all that complaining about harassment
when his real problem
should be arrestment,
no matter how “unprecedented”
he’s said to be.
Besides, here’s, arguably,
the most hateful Homosapien
in human history,
maligning the FBI
for doing what they were paid to do,
which is cool with me,
but I have vivid memories, in 3D,
of this federal agency
when it was under the direction
of a man
who went after
Brother Martin Luther King,
a fine specimen of a human being
who taught the world
how to love and dream,
as though he was an enemy against humanity,
with demonic ferocity,
going after him and his family
with help from the police,
wiretapping away,
dishing out false stories
to the press
about his “communist ties,”
infiltrators and agent provocateurs
and private citizens as spies,
ANYTHING to neutralize
his influence on a people
who simply wanted to try on for size
the accoutrements of freedom
as they went about their lives,
liberties some people
took for granted,
as a bird flies,
knowing the sky
will always be there,
whether it’s cloudy
or a day that’s sunny and bright.

And, Martin, did nothing worthy of the FBI’s attention,
not a single crime,
but in this situation
with an ex-president of our nation,
they’re right on time.

And soon, one would hope,
this man will experience, in due time,
something MLK had to deal with way more than a few times:
Jail time!

That would be so fine.

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