OB Planning Board to Review Proposed ‘Updates’ to Bacon and Newport

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in Ocean Beach

Tonight, Wednesday, August 3, the Ocean Beach Planning Board will hold its monthly meeting. The Board is holding in-person meetings and are back at their normal site, the OB Recreation Center at 4726 Santa Monica. They meet at 6pm.

Vice-chair Kevin Hastings will give an update on the status of the ongoing coastal access projects.

Plus, the volunteer panel will review its Transportation sub-committee’s proposal to recommend “updates” to Bacon Street and Newport Avenue. The sub-committee is recommending that the city enhance lighting on the Bacon Street sides on the intersection – with “cobra lights” – and to enhance the crosswalks at the intersection via “continental crosswalks,” reflectors or other visual enhancements.

It will be interesting to see if Chair Andrea Schlageter is present and running the meeting, as she was recently selected to be the chair of the city-wide Community Planners Committee. Also, it will be interesting if the pickleball vs tennis brouhaha reaches the Board via the Public Comment time.

Here is the official agenda for tonight’s meeting:

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Ted August 8, 2022 at 3:26 pm

I do not like the roundabout.

It is a small annoyance in my car but dangerous as a pedestrian. It actually looks safer because the distance you cross is smaller, but most of the drivers aren’t used to roundabouts and don’t stop for us like normal intersections.

Really bright crosswalk paint and more signs would help.

A bigger “right turn only” sign is needed for sunset cliffs to WPL. 3/4 days there’s a clueless tourist blocking the right turn lane trying to illegally merge to the center lane. The current sign isn’t small, but tons of people miss it.


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