Visit the Timken in Balboa Park – Treat Yourself:  Part II

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By Colleen O’Connor

Who needs the Metaverse?  San Diego has the awesome Timken Museum.  And it is free!

Recently reopened, the Timken holds something for everyone. Techies, ghost-hunters, historians, designers, art lovers, and priceless (16th century) European masters, Russian Icons, and 19th century American paintings — in spacious, light-filled rooms.

It follows the mission of other contemporary museums with open floor designs, with lots of space and a minimum of paintings, allowing the viewer to better absorb the art itself.

Rembrandt overlooking it all

Added new wall texts also enhance the experience.

Even the mid-century modern building exterior has been restored and cleaned of a black patina to reveal the original polished brass design.

Often described as a “jewel box,” the Timken had, like much of Balboa Park, aged.  COVID restrictions allowed it to close and become young again.

Much like the nearby “young again” Mingei Museum, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and the Carousel.  Each of these other “jewels” provide a glimpse of how stunning the future of the now aged park could look.

This Timken is leading the way.  New art; new technology; new lightening (no more skylights).

The Timken is the first museum worldwide to adopt patented revolutionary anti-viral, air-filtration technologies, engineered in conjunction with the Department of Defense. A system that maximizes “the capture and kill rate of airborne pathogens at a level considerably higher than that of hospital operating rooms.”

Ella Ferris Pell’s Salome. New acquisition first female artist

Also, new, the first acquisition by a female artist: Ella Ferris Pell’s Salome’.

Death of the Virgin 1460-65 Flemish School

The reverential death of the Virgin Mary.  Take a photo (permissible) and look for an “orb” above the candle, thought to be the spirit of the Blessed Mother.  Some see it only from their photographs.

Treat yourself, but get there before the crowds.

Opens at 10 am. Open everyday except Monday and Tuesday.

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