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Will the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Ever Shut Down?

By Michael Steinberg / Black Rain Press

We thought it was a done deal. The Diablo Canyon nuke plant, the last operating one in the state, located on the central coast near San Luis Obispo, was due to permanently close, one nuclear reactor in 2024, the second the following year.

In 2016, even owner Pacific Gas & Electric agreed to the deal.

But, as the Doors predicted Back in the Daze, “The future’s uncertain and the. end is always near.”

First, in late June, the California legislature, at the urging of Governor Gavin Newsom, allocated $75 million in a reserve fund to keep Diablo Canyon going, along with four “natural” gas state plants slated to start shutting next year.

Why? To avoid brown- outs and black outs. Even though, as often as not, such problems as often as not are caused by PG&E.

Earlier this year President Joe Biden made available $6 billion to keep decrepit financially failing nuke plants creaking along.

The recovering alcoholic Governor let it be known he thought it was hella cool for PG&E to apply for the Biden big bucks.

Only one problem. The  San Francisco-based utility had to apply by July 5.

On that date the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that on June 30, 37 “scientists, academics and entrepreneurs” had sent a letter to Biden’s Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Grandholm.

Among the 37 signers were a good many University of California folks, as well as a founder of Whole Foods Market, since gobbled up by Amazon. Apparently, he was on the list as just another millionaire with nothing much else to do.

The Sec of Energy responded with a change in Biden’s Yes Nukes edict with a rule change that allowed PG&E to go for this substantial subsidized misfortune, which the Union- Tribune said, PG&E indeed was going to do.

In response, Linda Seely, long time San Luis Obispo resident and activist with Mothers For Peace, commented, “I know we’re in a climate crisis, but this is not a rational or practical response. It’s a ploy of desperation.”

Sources:Planet; Cal; San Diego

Nuclear Shutdown News chronicles the decline and fall of the nuclear industry in the US and beyond, and highlights the efforts of those working for a nuclear free world.



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sealintheselkirks July 27, 2022 at 10:16 am

I had these put aside and saved to add to the RAG thread ‘Expanding Nuclear Power t Fight Climate Change Would be Insanity’ but figured maybe they would fit here. Not that the two pro-nuke posters will agree and I’m surprised they haven’t shown up here, but this is right along with the earlier thread so here ya go:

Incident at Santa Susana: A Meltdown, a Fire and a Cover-Up
A little problem with nuclear being a substitute:

Warming rivers threaten France’s already tight power supply
Corrosion Problems Shutters Half of France’s Nuclear Reactors



sealintheselkirks September 2, 2022 at 9:21 pm

Well, it’s been a couple months since the bad news about rivers in France being too hot to cool nuclear reactors and they had to shut a few down but who would have ever thunk it that the OCEAN would get too hot? Though it is the Persian Gulf but still…
Latest on nuclear power plants in a climate emergency hot planet:

Iran’s Nuclear Power Output Curbed By Hot Seawater
As the GHG emissions continue to do nothing but climb ever damn day, as rivers dry up all over the planet, as a species we really need to realize that counting on nukes for energy that requires cool water to keep them from overheating and melting down that would cause catastrophic results we’ve already seen from other plants is probably not the brightest idea humans have come up with. We CANNOT depend on anything that needs water to keep it from turning into radioactive slag…

It was 99.4’F yesterday up here in the mountains next to Canada. It was 100’F today… Used to be the first frost was always right about Labor Day…



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