Cheney v. Trump: Ancient and Mystical Battle of ‘Evil Twins’

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By Colleen O’Connor

Historically speaking, whenever the world is about to spin off its axis, and “storm clouds are gathering,” a genuine leader springs up to “LEAD” their country. Not to rape, plunder, pillage, mock, or abuse their country, but to lead.

Think, Zelensky in Ukraine, Gandhi in India, Walesa in Poland, FDR in the USA, and Churchill in the U.K.

What do they have in common? Infinite courage. Drive. And a calling.

Or as former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter offered: “A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

Look around the globe. See any great leaders?

Democracies in decline.  Autocracies in ascendancy. Assassinations. Mass killings. Governments in collapse. Chaos and fear.

Who is leading America? And in which direction? Hard questions. No easy answers.

The storm clouds are here. The battle between “Good” and “Evil” has already been joined. That concept of evil twins is ancient and mythical; with roots dating back to the 2nd millennium BCE, possibly started in a branch of Zoroastrianism.

These twins exist as co-eternal representatives of good and evil, battling throughout eternity.  So alike in power, so opposite in soul.

Who are today’s’ mythic combatants?

Enter the 21st century’s analogy of “the evil twin saga” Trump v. Cheney.

Insert descriptive adjectives at will.  Too many to include here.

One Republican on the side of the Trump twin is Senator Josh Hawley. He contends that many men have lost their “self-confidence and no longer represent ‘the traditional masculine virtues — things like courage, and independence and assertiveness.’”

“Why can’t a man be more like ‘that woman?’”

After going into the depths of political hell and back again, Cheney has emerged with enviable wall-to-wall press coverage that only a billionaire could match, amassed a $10 million campaign fund; and according to Politico magazine, “Wins the GOP’s Manhood Contest.”

Still, MAGA fans support Trump with his “Stop the Steal,” three-word insults, threats, lies, and numerous examples of repulsive and unstable behavior. The Pussy tape; the Russian connection; the financial scandals, lawsuits, and temper tantrums recently exposed by the January 6th Committee testimony of Trump White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson.

13.6 million viewers tuned into that hearing.

Yet, recently Trump’s GOP primary endorsements have become wobbly.

As Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) said on MBC’s Meet the Press yesterday,

“I said Trump’s influence on the party was going to diminish over time. It hasn’t happened rapidly, but it has diminished dramatically.”

Then there is Cheney, who voted to impeach a former President, and as the Vice-Chair of the January 6th Committee prepping for even more popular hearings this week that will expose more Trumpian efforts to “mobilize the mob.”

Trump comprehends Cheney’s threat.  He tried end-runs to block same-day voting registration allowed in Wyoming but failed.  Tried to whittle the contestants to two (from five) with this Tweet:”

“The easiest way to defeat Deplorable Liz Cheney is by having only ONE Conservative candidate run and WIN!”

Failed again.

Still, Cheney dominates more national news stories than Trump; and has also generated massive interest in the August 16th primary vote in Wyoming aka the season finale between “the evil twins.”

As Cheney explains, she chose to enter the crusade “as a mother.”

In a speech the other day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, she said she “came to this choice” to stand up to Trump above all “as a mother,” and portrayed her willingness to risk her political future by standing up to leaders of her party as a triumph of traditional feminine virtues.”

According to legend, the twin representing good, always wins, eventually.

Watch the Wyoming primary battle on August 16th for the 2022 epic finish.



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Gravitas July 11, 2022 at 6:43 pm

Watch Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Tuesday 10 am…..May be last one for a while. Guns/Ammo/Violence piece


Gravitas July 21, 2022 at 8:09 am

New York Times finally catching up with OBRag! Watch Season Finale tonight at 5.


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