‘Locked Groove’ in Point Loma’s Plumosa Park

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

What propels us forward?
Are we aware of all the cycles that influence our lives?
Can we control these rhythms?
Do we love the dance?

Locked Groove is a looped audiovisual experience that traces and morphs along the entire curb edging of Point Loma’s Plumosa Park.

Locked Groove presents a rhythmic visual design using temporary chalk pigments based on conceptual ideas about life rhythms. These rhythms are divided into four themes: domestic, social, industrial, and natural. These rhythms’ graphical patterns are inspired by rhythmic sound palettes designed by the artist and ancient, modern, and contemporary visual media.

Audiences can engage with the visual experience of this work at various positions around the park’s perimeter. Audiences can also augment their experience by using digital devices to open a web-hosted, multichannel sound mixer. This app allows audiences to hear the sound art rhythms which influenced the curb graphics. Audiences can also isolate sounds from each theme or mix the four sound fields.

“Locked groove” refers to the repeating loops found on vinyl records. Locked Groove has no beginning and end and can be completed as audiences see fit.


By Tracy Dezenzo 

The San Diego public art initiative “Park Social” is finally here and there are 6 months, and 18 site specific art installations, interactive art, and performances to see around the city with 5 of those projects within 8 miles of the coastline: 1 in Clairemont, 2 in Linda Vista, 1 in PB and 1 in Point Loma. We invite everyone to visit the Park Social website to learn more about the participating parks, read about the artists and their projects, and find out when the projects will be on display. Visit https://www.sandiego.gov/park-social for more information.

Reminder: All San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture meetings are open to the public. For meeting dates and times visit https://www.sandiego.gov/arts-culture (meetings tab)

Stay up-to-date with Commission funding announcements, deadlines, exciting news and projects on Twitter  @SDArtsComm or Instagram @artsculturesd


From City of San Diego’s “Park Social”

Conceptualized in 2020 by the City of San Diego, Park Social will run from May 21 to November 20, 2022.

Socially engaged with both its parks in San Diego and wider conversations on the role of contemporary art, Park Social aims to be conduit for innovation and public engagement – a generative, art platform that explores the City of San Diego’s park system and creates exchanges with San Diego parks and park-goers.

Working in parks across the city, Park Social commissions artists and collectives to develop and present eighteen temporary works in San Diego that relate to a space or spaces in the City’s park system and directly connect the park goer and the park, sparking dialogue and encouraging people to get out into the parks and experience them in new unexpected ways. These potential participants, collaborators, and contacts will energize artistic practice and provide individuals and communities with a moment of contemplation, surprise, beauty, irony, or humor. The six month initiative includes events, installations, happenings, and performances.

Park Social considers San Diego’s unique parks system, varied park spaces, and recreational facilities. From regional resource-based parks with trails and natural landscapes to community and neighborhood parks to developed regional and shoreline parks and spaces. These different park typologies interconnect to form a citywide ever changing, dynamic parks system.

Park Social strengthens social connections and bolsters a dynamic artistic landscape with the City’s park system. Park Social spent the entirety of 2021 exploring the public park environment, working with artists, neighborhoods, sites, and partners for projects to manifest in 2022. Championing the work of San Diego-area artists whose projects exemplify social-specific artistic practices, the initiative engages with a broad and constantly shifting audience. Intervening and interacting in the social spheres of public parks and exploring topics ranging from environmental justice to belonging and social cohesion.

Developed and produced by the City as an arts initiative to help support artists during the pandemic while encouraging people to explore the local natural landscape and public environment.




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