Emergency Notice for Monday Morning: City Posed to Remove 7 Palm Trees on Newport Avenue With Heavy Police Presence

by on April 25, 2022 · 7 comments

in Ocean Beach

This is an emergency notice for the people of Point Loma and Ocean Beach for Monday morning, April 25.

Today, the city of San Diego has crews out on Newport Avenue ready to cut down 7 palm trees between Venice and Guizot. “No Parking” signs were placed along the blocks over night. City says it is an emergency order from tree supervisor Andres Souza.

By 7:30 this morning, a small crowd of residents have gathered to protest the rampage but the crews are guarded by at least 8 police officers.

Residents and OB Rag researchers have proved that these palm trees are not a danger to the airport and they are not diseased.

OB Rag reporter Geoff Page is at the site and phoned in the dire situation. From the sounds of it, the heavy-handed police presence is there to prevent any resident interference with the tree-cutting crews.

This is outrageous! OBceans can barely get any police presence when they need it but to now have 8 patrol officers on hand for such a dastardly act by the city is simply unacceptable.

The only recourse of residents at the moment is to overwhelm the crews and police with their numbers.

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Frank Gormlie April 25, 2022 at 7:54 am

Please, if you see this post and you live in OB or PL, get yourself over to the Newport Ave area between Venice and Guizot to at least be a witness to the city needlessly killing 7 healthy palm trees.


Richard April 25, 2022 at 8:08 am

I’ve been watching the destruction of OB for 20 years. Nothing will stop the city in its quest for Tourism. Earth Day is a joke! I’ll say again and again. R.I.P. OB it will will never be the local sleepy small “Beach Town” it was.


Frank Gormlie April 25, 2022 at 8:25 am

We have a report that a local resident has been arrested for standing in front of the palm tree at her house.


Frank Gormlie April 25, 2022 at 9:17 am

It was an unconfirmed report – and has yet to be verified.


Frank Gormlie April 25, 2022 at 8:26 am

TV news teams have begun arriving.


stu April 25, 2022 at 8:40 am

I’m headed over there now They should be cutting down the dead torry on the 4600 block of Longbranch


sal April 25, 2022 at 10:20 am

I live by that Torrey and it doesn’t seem dead to me, despite their efforts to kill it over the last few years.


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