Liz Cheney’s ‘White Peacock’ Moment Arrives

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By Colleen O’Connor

Amidst the horror of the brutal Russian war against Ukraine; the fear of still more COVID-19 surges; galloping inflation; corruption laid bare; the January 6th investigations; and global anarchy threatening fragile democracies, Liz Cheney’s White Peacock moment may have arrived.

Historically speaking, the White Peacock represents a self that is resurrected from “the fire of fear and the shadows of doubt.”

Enter the Republican’s most unlikely Joan of Arc. Someone who can save the GOP from self-immolation. An unlikely contrarian who saw something; felt something; knew something faster than her GOP colleagues and has begun to lead, “without a shadow of doubt.”

Cheney voted to impeach Trump. Was threatened with censure; removed from her GOP committee and leadership posts; and maligned repeatedly by the former President (now hawking “Stop the Steal” lies and go fund me pleas to buy him a new airplane) and managed to re-define the 2022 and 2024 election cycles as Cheney v. Trump.

She has risen faster than any other ambitious politician; gained priceless national media coverage; named Vice-Chair of the January 6 th committee investigating the assault on the Capitol; and has used that post to burnish her stature as “a defender of democracy,” while Trump praises Russian president, Vladimir Putin, all amidst a war that 70% of Americans disapprove.

Indeed, Cheney gains stature with every parry and thrust against Trump, who lost re-election; over 80 “stall tactic” court case (even the conservative Supreme Court ruling against him); and is now selling off properties; facing more debt; more investigations; with fewer and fewer Trump-endorsed candidates winning.

One news outlet used a Fox news poll to trumpet, “Trump-Backed Candidates Are Getting Totally Creamed in Multiple High-Profile Race.”

Behind the scenes, Trump has become even more radioactive than I predicted over a year ago. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has uncharacteristically moved swiftly to pass budget reconciliation bills; funds to increase humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine; and begun blocking Trump invites to major GOP conferences.

Enter another loyal Cheney ally, Senator Mitt Romney, who sees what Cheney sees; a major threat to democracy.

Just last night, according to CBS News, Romney sounded the alarm about the fragility of democracy and the strength of Liz Cheney.

In a short history lesson, Romney told the private audience of 200:

“From the Mongol Empire to the Roman Empire, Romney said, autocracy is the chart’s ‘default setting,’ with authoritarian leaders at every turn.

Leading into his Cheney endorsement, Romney added:

“what has kept us from falling in with the same kind of authoritarian leader as Vladimir Putin are the strengths of our institutions, the rule of law, our courts, Congress, and so forth.

People of character and courage, have stood up for right at times when others want to look away. Such a person is Liz Cheney.”

The crowd roared its approval and delivered over $500,000 to Cheney’s already hefty campaign fund.

However, Cheney’s immediate challenge is defeating yet another Trump-backed candidate in 2022, Harriet Hageman.

While unpopular among Republican voters (who overwhelming voted for Trump in 2020), Cheney does have shot a re-election.

Wyoming allows same day registration changes, which would allow some of the 73,000 Biden voters of 2020, to crossover and vote for Cheney.

Her work as a leader of the select Jan. 6 House committee naturally appeals to voters who despise Trump, as well as independents who oppose the war in Ukraine. Add independent voters and Cheney could score a win.

In addition, a third candidate, already in the race, could cushion Cheney’s support.

“That theory isn’t lost on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who has told members that he’s worried that the numbers add up for Cheney and that she might be back in Congress next session, according to a source with direct knowledge of the discussions.

Trump, too, is worried that Democrats will help reelect Cheney. He backed a bill in the Wyoming legislature that would have barred voters from switching parties on the day of a primary election in order to vote for a candidate of another party.”

Trump lost that fight, too. Just wait for the January 6 th report that may elevate Cheney’s White Peacock moment even higher.

After all, the White Peacock offers the greatest most benevolent outcomes.

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Geoff Page March 15, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Very cool, Colleen, I never heard of a white peacock. I also never thought I’d find anything to admire about a Cheney but she has changed my mind because she is showing courage.


Peter from South O March 15, 2022 at 7:57 pm

She is a ‘one trick pony’. She supported and voted for strict conservative values up until Trump pissed her off. I’ll give her credit for what she is doing on the committee presently, but in general she is nobody to admire.


Gravitas March 15, 2022 at 7:58 pm

AND, she seems to be trusted by Pelosi as well. Her anti-Trump-ism will hold her in good standing as the ex-President begins to unravel.


Gravitas March 16, 2022 at 8:46 am

“From North Carolina to Alabama, Senate candidates are failing to capitalize on the Trump seal of approval.”

!!! Trump is failing. Cheney is gaining.


Gravitas March 20, 2022 at 4:19 pm

The White Peacock strikes again! Sunday.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said the Jan. 6 committee is considering recommending enhanced criminal penalties for the “kind of supreme dereliction of duty that you saw with President Trump,” Axios reports.


sealintheselkirks March 22, 2022 at 1:11 pm

Basing this on ALL her past decisions since daddy ‘Shotgun Dick’ gave her his seat in the Senate, I truly don’t trust this right wing neocon as I’ve learned by experience the ‘enemy of my enemy’ is not my friend, just a lesser immediate threat is all but she is still a threat to pretty much everything I would like to see happen in this country. Look up her voting record. It’s just plain awful.

TFG was an immediate threat, and still is, but this chip off the old block is just as insidious in her own way even if she’s playacting a new improved version. Remember her daddy was part of PNAC…

The Democrats’ Complicated Dance With Neoconservative Heiress Liz Cheney

The Wyoming representative has been a rare anti-Trump voice among Republicans in Congress, but is that reason enough for Democrats to boost her political career?

Her comments from two days ago about Putin “not reaping any rewards” in Ukraine really raised my eyebrows, too, for that matter. I mean, her family’s fortunes were hugely increased by the war crimes planned and committed by her daddy invading Iraq! WTF? So THEY benefited from invading a sovereign country big time and I don’t see squat happening in giving that back. Remember those pallets with $15 billion US cash that went missing? Guess people kind of forgot about that, eh? I really do wonder whose hands that ended up in…

Remember, snakes can’t help but slither and she comes from a political snake den of neocon awfulness! And to be even more blunt when it comes to Ukraine, let us please stop calling Putin the new Hitler. He’s just doing exactly what Dick did in Iraq so can we call him the Russian Cheney? If the shoe fits…



Geoff Page March 22, 2022 at 4:31 pm

All very correct, seal. I probably should have worded my comment better to express that I was only commenting on this one thing she has done.


Gravitas March 24, 2022 at 7:11 am

Gunning for Cheney. Over 100 House GOP members co-hostng fundraiser to oppose Cheney.

As the mob says at a funeral, “Take names and don’t forget.”


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