Point Loman Mandy Havlik Running for District 2 Council Seat

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The following is from the Mandy Havlik for City Council campaign:

Point Loma resident and community activist Mandy Havlik has announced that she is running for City Council, District 2.

The announcement came during a Feb. 3rd Zoom call to media representatives and a public rally on Feb. 5 at Famosa Canyon, the last five acres of uncommitted open space on the Peninsula and a rare freshwater inland disturbed wetland.

“I am the only viable coastal candidate living in Point Loma or Ocean Beach,” Havlik said.

Havlik has been involved in community issues ever since arriving in 2009 with her husband, Cameron, a now-retired Senior Naval officer. She is well known as an elected member of the Peninsula Community Planning Board, founding member of Kate’s Trees, member of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Council and Save Famosa Canyon, Ocean Beach Elementary School volunteer, community advocate before the Ocean Beach Planning Board and Ocean Beach Town Council.

When the pandemic struck and disrupted food supplies, including school lunch programs, Havlik worked with Todd Gloria’s staff on making Dewey Elementary a food distribution center.

What makes Many Havlik stand out?

Mandy is the only viable Coastal Candidate. She has been and continues to be an outspoken defender of coastal access and preserving our beach communities. Mandy is an advocate for keeping the 30-foot rule in place in the coastal region. Mandy fought against Measure E which would have repealed the 30-foot rule in parts of the coastal region. Mandy is a community activist who has a proven track record of standing up for the community.

Mandy will be the voice for Point Loma and Ocean Beach while reaching out to Clairemont voters on what they consider significant issues such as lot splits and backyard apartments. Mandy’s experience with land use in the coastal region while serving on the Peninsula Community Planning Board has given her much-needed insight and experience on the unique land use challenges facing our coastal community.

Mandy has vowed to bring the community back to City Hall through her grassroots campaign, refusing to represent special interests or corporate money. This upcoming election is one of the most important City Council Elections in recent history. Our district has a choice either to choose a candidate who will bring unchecked development and over densification to the coastal region with no community inputs restricting your access to the coastal region or a candidate who will include and advocate for the community, keep coastal access for all and bring common-sense solutions to City Hall.

She has been quick to see problems and to push for improvement. As a volunteer at Ocean Beach Elementary, when she saw unsafe traffic conditions. She has advocated for and got safer pick-up/drop-off arrangements and a return to a pilot crossing guard program. As head of the planning board’s Traffic Committee, she has identified the ten most dangerous traffic intersections on the Peninsula and has advocated improvements to City Hall.

Mandy will provide a forum to bring community concerns on coastal access, coastal preservation, lack of parks, dangerous streets, political establishment inaction on short-term vacation rentals, restoration of the Ocean Beach Pier, and other challenges facing our community to the forefront of the City Council to address much-needed land use and infrastructure issues facing our community.

Mandy ended her announcement with, “Feel free to contact me,” Havlik says. “I won’t call you names or ignore you. I will call you back.”

Her website is mandyhavlik.com. You can reach Mandy by phone at (619)535-9411 or via email at mandyfordistrict2@gmail.com

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