City Issues Notice for Redevelopment of Sports Arena Site – Proposals Must Include Minimum of 25% Affordable Units

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in Ocean Beach, San Diego

City of San Diego Issues Notice of Availability for Redevelopment of Sports Arena Site


SAN DIEGO – With the goal of increasing affordable housing options for San Diegans, the City of San Diego today issued a notice of availability for the 48.5-acre site in the Midway-Pacific Highway Community that includes the Sports Arena area.

The official notice signifies to developers that the City intends to lease the site for redevelopment. Interested developers must include in their proposals at least 25% of proposed housing units as affordable. Preference will be given to developers with the highest number of proposed affordable units and the highest levels of affordability.

“San Diego has a rare opportunity to remake a part of the City that is desperate for revitalization. At the same time, it offers a chance to create a significant number of new homes for San Diegans, allowing us to take a big bite out of our housing crisis,” Mayor Todd Gloria said. “I’m looking forward to a redevelopment process that is public and transparent, complies with the state Surplus Land Act and ends in a project that all San Diegans can be proud of.”

On Tuesday, Sept. 21, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to declare the Sports Arena site as surplus land under the definition spelled out by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The declaration also includes a condition that states the “future development include renovation or replacement of the City’s current sports arena on the Property as a regional entertainment venue and operation of that venue for concerts, sports, and other events, consistent with similar arenas in large cities in the United States.”

“We are pleased to initiate the process to solicit proposals for interest in redeveloping this important site in the Midway District,” said Penny Maus, Director of the City’s Department of Real Estate and Airport Management. “With affordable housing and preservation of the regional entertainment venue use as part of the future plans, the formation of development teams is strongly encouraged to create cohesive plans that will benefit San Diegans for years to come.”

Redevelopment of the Sports Arena site is included as part of Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan update, which was started in 2010 and serves as a blueprint for the future development of the neighborhood. The plan envisions the Sports Arena Community Village, which would incorporate a mix of entertainment, office, retail, residential, public and park uses.

Proposals must be submitted to the City within 60 days. Interested parties can view the official Notice of Availability (NOA) on the Department of Real Estate and Airport Management website.

Presuming proposals are received that comply with the Surplus Land Act and the requirements of the NOA, City staff will then enter into a 90-day good-faith negotiating period with one or more developers to identify key terms and refine programmatic components of proposals received. Staff will then present an update to the Land Use and Housing Committee and City Council, which is expected in early 2022.

If the City does not receive proposals that are in accordance with the Surplus Land Act and/or the NOA, they will seek guidance from the Land Use and Housing Committee and City Council prior to issuing a Request for Proposals.

Here below is the actual Notice:

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Frank Gormlie October 6, 2021 at 12:34 pm

This is a verbatim Press Statement from the City of SD.


Geoff Page October 6, 2021 at 2:44 pm

This is too funny. The city ignores the Midway-Pacific Highway Planning Group at every turn, but when they want to look good, they throw in a nod to them as they did here in this press release.


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