OB Oktoberfest Is Back : October 8th and 9th, 2021

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in Ocean Beach

The Ocean Beach Oktoberfest – the uniquely Southern California salute to the celebration of German culture and fun – is returning this year. It’s scheduled for October 8th and 9th, 2021.

The return was announced at the August 25th OB Town Council zoom meeting, by Denny Knox, head of OB Mainstreet Association.

From OBMA:

The OB Oktoberfest has been a tradition in Ocean Beach for more than 21 years. As usual, we expect large crowds at our fun, colorful beachfront event. We have two exciting areas for vendors. Food Vendors will be in Veteran’s Plaza on the grassy area at the foot of Newport Avenue and Abbott St. Merchandise Vendors will have the choice of a 10’X10’ space in Veteran’s Plaza at a cost of $295 or Saratoga Park at the foot of Saratoga Ave at a cost of $155. The Saratoga Park area includes a stage with family-friendly musical acts and several contests. There will be tables and chairs for the public to enjoy while shopping and enjoying the food vendors.

For further information, please contact Denny at the OBMA office at 619-224-4906. For vendor information, go here.

OB Oktoberfest Schedule

Friday Events: 4 pm to midnight

  • Beer garden with live entertainment (21+, $5 entry)
  • Women’s stein-holding contest 8 pm
  • Men’s Stein-holding contest 10 pm
  • Balloon Blow 6:30 pm

Saturday Events: 11 am to midnight

  • FREE beachside all-ages stage w/ performances by Rock and Roll San Diego Bands
  • Food and craft vendor area on the Veterans Plaza lawn (free entry)
  • Beer garden with live entertainment (21+, $5 entry)
  • Optional “Brewfest” beer tasting featuring German and local brews poured by veterans
  • Bratwurst-eating contest 1 pm
  • Stein-holding contests 2:45 pm, 4:30 pm, 8 pm and 9:45 pm
  • Ms. Oktoberfest
  • Mr. Oktoberfest
  • and everyone’s favorite Balloon BlowGrass Area Stage
    Bands will be announced before the event.

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Frank Gormlie August 27, 2021 at 11:56 am

Just a note: the Adams Ave street fair was cancelled.


Debbi August 27, 2021 at 1:02 pm

Also postponed


Probably a liability to D & O’s to hold events considering the coronavirus pandemic???


sealintheSelkirks October 1, 2021 at 10:45 am

We had a few large public events in Stevens County, too, and according to the local paper (Sept. 16th) “CoVid cases (Delta variant) are the highest number they have ever been in NE Washington.” The local hospitals are breaking under the strain and the public has been informed to not have a heart attack or stroke or break a bone because you will be sitting for hours before being seen in ERs. There are no beds, or personnel to treat you. The ambulance service is unable to show up for car accidents or emergency calls because they are overloaded hauling sick & dying to the big regional hospitals down in Spokane that are also out of beds and personnel… Some of the sick have been shipped to Seattle and Montana hospitals due to the overload.

The month of August broke the pandemic record since it began for a monthly total of 866 cases-in a county with 40,000 people-and adding in the 565 new infections in the first two weeks of September put us at a count of 1255 per 100,000 residents… The death rate is going up, too.

This does not count all the people that have gotten sick or died of CoVid in the last 18 months! And the covidiots are having protest marches in front of the Board of Education, ‘Mothers Against Masks,’ whose spokesperson said “We are performing our absolute duty as parents to protect our children from harm.” They were going to hold another rally in but I haven’t read about that yet. I’ll pick up the last two week papers today when I go to town for mail.

‘Crisis Care’ is about to be instituted like Idaho has done (Kootenai) which is battlefield triage, only those who might make it get treated which is why Idaho has flooded across the border to our hospitals. No mask Idaho and spit on vaccines. Freedumb sure is free.

Having large public gatherings of people wasn’t the brightest of idea but they weren’t about to not have Valley Fair or the Colville Rendezvous etc etc in the Trump-voting red zones… I really hope that OB has better luck but with Delta being magnitudes higher in infection rates I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an uptick on my home beach…

sealintheSelkirks; words from the Delta disaster zone…


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