Over 13,140 People Have Signed the Petition to Stop Nightly Fireworks at SeaWorld – Let’s Get to 15,000

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As of this writing, over 13,140 people have signed the petition to stop SeaWorld’s nightly fireworks. The goal is to reach 15,000. Here is the petition.

From the petition statement:

SeaWorld is damaging the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of San Diegans on a nightly basis,every day for 3 months straight during the summer season alone. They are damaging the overall physical well-being of the citizens of San Diego who live within a 20 mile radius or larger.

The fireworks at SeaWorld constitute animal cruelty.

Dogs, cats, and other companion animals don’t understand that the terrifying loud bangs are a celebration. Humane societies across North America report that after firework displays they are swamped with calls about lost dogs and cats. Dogs are brought to shelters with paws bloody from running or torn skin from tearing through a backyard wooden fence or, worse, crippled from being hit by a car.

The need to protect both companion animals and nondomesticated animals from fireworks harm is exemplified in the numerous stories of animal suffering that we are left with after the smoke has cleared.

Dogs have responded to firework explosions by breaking through windows and screens, often running miles away from their homes, only to end up exhausted, bloody and confused or dead on the road.

Sign the Petition – go here.

Exposure to hazardous noise is one of the most common causes of irreversible hearing loss. Symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss tend to be subtle in the earlier stages. Hearing loss tends to occur first for high-pitch sounds. As a result, the bass or “volume” of speech appears unchanged, but the clarity of speech decreases. The ability to communicate in the presence of background noise becomes increasingly difficult and can cause anxiety, stress and fatigue for the individual trying to understand speech.

Prolonged exposure to sounds exceeding 80 decibels (dB) can result in permanent hearing loss. The louder the noise, the less time an individual can be exposed before permanent damage will occur. Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. Fireworks pose a significant and immediate risk to your family’s hearing health.

We are asking San Diego city council to ban the fireworks at SeaWorld and ask them to and switch to laser light shows, which provide all the awe of fireworks displays and are kinder to animals and the environment and show a courteous and decent neighborly behavior to the people of San Diego.

Fireworks are being blamed for the recent deaths of 5,000 birds in Arkansas. The professional-grade explosives scared red-winged blackbirds and European starlings out of their nests and sent them into panicked flight. The night-blind birds crashed into houses, signs, and other obstacles, causing blunt-force trauma and death.

What are the ravages of the fireworks locally? Has this been studied? What is happening to the animals, birds, fish and birds of the San Diego River and our bayfront!?

And now the park is using a different vendor this year, using a higher degree of firepower and they are louder and more dangerous to animals, your childrens and pet’s ears and to your family’s’ emotional well being!

1. Fireworks have been proven to be harmful to pets and wildlife.

The use of explosive fireworks near animals is considered cruel and inhumane as it causes stress and fear. Animals who are too close to explosions often suffer from burns and eye damage, among others.

2. Animal ears are very much more sensitive than the human ear.

Firework explosions can permanently damage their sense of hearing. Many animals are terrified of these noises so they try to break free, jump off fences to escape the terror.

3. Animals that flee from fireworks often get lost or killed.

Cats and dogs are prone to being hit by vehicles and birds are prone to fly into buildings and end-up breaking their necks.

4. Animals get injured.
There are dogs and other domesticated animals that are brought to shelters with paws and some body parts that are bloody from running or torn skin from tearing through a backyard wooden fence or, worse, crippled from being hit by a car.

5. Birds often fly away in fright.

And nesting mothers sometimes tend to get lost trying to return to their nests. Waterfowls such as herons, ducks, pelicans, and other sea birds become entangled in fragments of fireworks that land in ponds and waterways.

6. Fishes, sea turtles, and other marine animals ingest the firework debris and die.

And also cause the deaths of the scavenging animals that eat them.

7. Even insects are at risk.

Insects like bees and butterflies can become disoriented, injured, and killed.

Write to the city of San Diego City Council

I urge you to consider the harmful effects of fireworks on companion animals and on the wellbeing of the residents within a 2o mile radius

The fireworks that are scheduled every single evening at SeaWorld during the summer, 90 days in a row and every weekend during the off season have severe mental and physical effects on both wildlife and on pets and on some children.

Fireworks are NOT friendly to the community at large.

• Firework explosions can produce a blind panic in animals that can lead to serious injuries, deep-rooted and debilitating fears or even death;

• Using fireworks near animals is both cruel and inhumane as explosive fireworks cause animals immense confusion, anxiety, fear, and stress; and

• The ears of most animals are considerably more sensitive than the human ear and fireworks can permanently affect their acute sense of hearing.

Fireworks and animals do not make a humane match. In this age of technology, we can create celebratory displays that are both thrilling and joyful without endangering our dogs and cats.

A humane and 21st century solution is to replace the fireworks with a laser light show instead. This concept would be unique and attract even more patrons. It would be more conducive for the animals, the environment and the neighbors, who are taxpayers and voters as well.

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Frank Gormlie July 7, 2021 at 8:40 pm

Since this was posted this morning, another 20 people have signed.


Mike July 10, 2021 at 1:22 am

You guys are like the Taliban, trying to take away everything fun! What is next a petition banning ice cream?


Geoff Page July 12, 2021 at 10:01 am

No, it’s a petition to ban “Mike!”


Peter from South O July 12, 2021 at 3:02 pm
Frank Gormlie July 8, 2021 at 12:06 pm

13,181 people have now signed, an additional 40 since this was posted.


Love it July 8, 2021 at 8:15 pm

I really enjoy them and so do all my friends!


Geoff Page July 9, 2021 at 10:33 am

Not much empathy there obviously.


Gary Huber July 14, 2021 at 6:02 pm

We live near the Famosa Slough and get a very cool echo off the cliffs below Pointsettia Drive. But I guess if we had a dog, the dog might not be as impressed.


Mike July 14, 2021 at 5:53 pm


A responsible pet owner would recognize that the 4th of July is the most prevalent fireworks day of the year and plan accordingly. Maybe by taking the pet to a part of the county where fireworks are less common, or by keeping the pet in a part of the residence where fireworks cannot be heard/observed. Furthermore, the vast majority of 4th of July fireworks came from someplace other than Sea World.


Geoff Page July 14, 2021 at 7:08 pm

Ah, I can’t tell you how it makes me feel when someone tries to lecture me about responsible pet ownership. Why do all the thousands of pet owners have to “plan accordingly” to protect their pets from a business that pollutes the evening air for miles around who have nothing to do with Sea World? So, all these thousands of pet owners are supposed to take to road on the evening of the 4th and go somewhere in East County. A part of the house where fireworks can’t be heard? Do you know anything about dogs at all?

An amazingly uninformed comment.


Mike July 14, 2021 at 11:15 pm

So let me get this straight, the millions of Americans (including many children) who enjoy fireworks as an annual 4th of July tradition are supposed to ditch the habit because your poor little doggie can’t take it? And thousands of Sea-World patrons are to do likewise? (Whose tourism tax dollars help our local economy!)

Just curious what do you do on the 4th of July? Because clearly the world revolves around Geoff, and I would like to be able to properly prepare for it!

Also why are you stopping at Sea World? Ever been to a Padres game? They set off fireworks there too. Where is their petition? There are far more people, dogs, etc living downtown than that live near Sea World. This seems to be driven more by political opposition to Sea World than anything. Why don’t you just call it what it is?


Frank Gormlie July 15, 2021 at 8:24 am

Mike, the world is moving on and leaving you in the dust of fireworks pollution. While many are questioning the use of such pollutants as entertainment, you are trying to deflate the issue of Seaworld fireworks and taking personal swipes at people instead of addressing the concerns of those who want the fireworks to be curtailed. And you – hiding behind the children, nice going.


Geoff Page July 15, 2021 at 10:55 am


You wrote:

“So let me get this straight, the millions of Americans (including many children) who enjoy fireworks as an annual 4th of July tradition are supposed to ditch the habit because your poor little doggie can’t take it?”

Ok, so now we know you are not an animal lover, thanks for that perspective although I suspected as much. As for the kids, just Google children who are afraid of fireworks, lots of sites about how to help kids who really don’t “enjoy fireworks.”

You wrote:

“And thousands of Sea-World patrons are to do likewise? (Whose tourism tax dollars help our local economy!)”
The number of people inside Sea World for the fireworks display is dwarfed by the thousands of people for miles around. They don’t go to Sea World for fireworks, they go to see marine animals.

You wrote:

“Just curious what do you do on the 4th of July? Because clearly the world revolves around Geoff, and I would like to be able to properly prepare for it!”

Well, because you obviously are not an animal lover, you don’t need to prepare for the 4th the way I do. What I do is comfort my dog all day long. In the evening, we sit in a bedroom with the TV up high. This year, he had a panic attack the night before when a loud firework went off. He sat up all night next to the dresser and refused to move. He had actual panic attack that morning. Luckily, we had some animal CBD that finally helped. We had to dose him again the next day. So, Mike, what did you do on the 4th?

You wrote

“Also why are you stopping at Sea World? Ever been to a Padres game? They set off fireworks there too. Where is their petition? There are far more people, dogs, etc living downtown than that live near Sea World. This seems to be driven more by political opposition to Sea World than anything. Why don’t you just call it what it is?”

Perhaps you need lesson in activism, Mike. It’s simple, people who are affected get together and try to change things that have an affect on a lot of folks. The folks affected by Sea World are doing that. I would not expect the folks downtown to sign a petition to stop Sea World’s fireworks unless they can hear them too. Why not stop them downtown too, lots of scared kids and dogs and other animals there too. If it was up to me, I’d ban them all. Why are we celebrating “bombs bursting in air?”

And, no, this has nothing to do with politics, it’s actually amazingly and unavoidably bipartisan because people of all political persuasions have kids and animals scared of fireworks.


kh July 15, 2021 at 11:37 am

This isn’t about the 4th of July necessarily… it’s about NIGHTLY fireworks from seaworld, as the title states.

I do enjoy looking at them but it seems overkill, and I could certainly live without them.

I also enjoy visiting Sea World and understand how they provide great benefit the city through their land lease. But there has to be some less impactful alternatives they can try.


Geoff Page July 15, 2021 at 11:39 am

Yes, good point, kh, it is.


Mike July 15, 2021 at 6:28 pm


First my apologies for taking personal swipes. I was taking Geoff’s condescending tone and responding with a similar prose. If you wish to have an grown up debate I am more than welcoming.

Secondly I guess we are going to agree to disagree. I like living in a place with fireworks all the time. I am not sure why someone would choose to live near a theme park (Sea World has been there since the 60’s) if fireworks bothered you that badly. I struggle to understand
your air pollution argument when you live in OB with scores of jetliners flying overhead burning off jet fuel all day. Whatever air pollution a few minutes of fireworks causes is probably pretty minor compared to the jets.

We live in a large urban city, full of plenty of unavoidable obnoxious noises. In OB we specifically have the Jets and I-8 traffic. I personally hate car alarms and folks with obscenely loud motorcycles and cars. I struggle to understand how the fireworks are any different than these other urban noises. But if that’s the way that you feel then fine, lets agree to disagree and good luck with your petition.

As for Geoff, likewise, I am sorry for my personal attacks. I believe you write for the webpage, correct? While there is some opinion stuff on this webpage that I may disagree with, (like this issue) I appreciate the local news perspective.

To answer your questions I am an animal lover and grew up around dogs. Each of the dogs I grew up with acted differently around fireworks. Those that were most disturbed by them we would put in the car until the fireworks display was over. After the show we would take the dog out of the car, the dog would be fine, and life would move on.

I will agree with you that there is an age when fireworks are inappropriate for children. However, once we were of age, my parents would take my siblings and I to fireworks displays all the time, including at theme parks. I personally remember a college professor who kept a Sea World annual pass just so he could take his kids to the fireworks whenever they wanted to.

As for my 4th of July, I spend the day by the beach enjoying it with my friends. I am sorry that you could not do the same. I did see some guy shoot off a firework that I was afraid was going to hit the electrical wires, so that left me somewhat uncomfortable haha!


Geoff Page July 16, 2021 at 2:18 pm

Mike, I appreciate the change in the tenor of your comments. My original reply to you was written that way, coincidently, because I felt your tone was condescending when you started with “A responsible pet owner.” I prefer a grown up debate as well.

Yes, that’s fine, we can disagree. I have to comment on what you said about choosing to live near a theme park. I guess we’d need to define “near.” My house is over a mile from Sea World as the crow flies. Sea World’s noise affects people much farther away than that. I bought my place in 1987 and had no idea that fireworks would be set off every night during the summer. Sellers are not obligated to disclose this kind of information to buyers. The fireworks started nightly in 1984. Lots of folks bought their homes long before that.

Yes, the jets cause more air pollution and people are working on that. But, that doesn’t mean we just ignore all other causes, no matter how minimal it may seem. That is not an argument for doing nothing. This would also apply to noise pollution.

You said you are an animal over but did not say that you have a dog now. You said the dogs that were disturbed you’d put in a car until it was over. Was this something you had to do every single night during the summer or was this an occasional thing?

It is not just an age where fireworks are inappropriate for children, some children never get over their dread of fireworks. As for your professor story, please excuse me, but why would anyone pay for a pass just totake kids to fireworks that can be seen, and heard, all over Mission Bay, Point Loma, Mission and Pacific Beach, Claremont, etc. I don’t see the need to be in the park for this.

I’m glad you enjoyed the 4th and that you did not have this problem to deal with. I sued to take my kids to the OB fireworks and they were fine with it. But, I was on constant guard for the Mexican bottle rockets that were completely unpredictable for the direction they take when lit.

So, in the end, you are entitled t your opinion, of course, and we are entitled to ours. So, let’s see what happens with the petition.


Partygail July 15, 2021 at 9:53 pm

I recommend that all the energy devoted to Sea Worlds relatively short fireworks display be re directed to the nightly disruptions caused by fireworks on the cliffs in our neighborhoods. Unlike the brief and scheduled fireworks, these disruptions are un predictable and continue into the early morning hours. Why not sign a petition outlawing these fireworks?


Geoff Page July 16, 2021 at 1:53 pm

Partygail, no petition is needed, those fireworks are already illegal. What is lack is enforcement by the police department.


lloyd Jones February 22, 2022 at 10:44 am

Those at Sea World responsible for fireworks have the intelligence of the Neanderthals, wish I could put their fireworks where the sun doesn’t shine.


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