COVID Cases On the Rise in San Diego County – What the Hell?

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In the U.S., with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, newly confirmed infections per day have doubled over the past two weeks to an average of about 24,000, though deaths are still on a downward trajectory at around 260 a day.

As COVID-19 cases slowly rise in San Diego County – including an increase in Delta variant cases – new research is looking into why San Diegans still are not getting vaccinated.

“We are seeing about double the number of cases that were being reported about a month ago,” said Dr. Wilma Wooten, County public health officer.

The local COVID-19 case rate has increased from 1.9 cases per 100,000 residents on June 15, to 3.7 currently. The daily count has been at or above 200 for the last seven days, according to a county news release.

The county has also released the results of a survey taken between June 13 and June 24. Residents who say they were unlikely to get vaccinated were most concerned about potential side effects. Another concern was that vaccine development was rushed, according to the survey.

The county identified three focus areas based on the survey, including the 140,000 people who are overdue for their second shots.

The county will also focus on residents who are hesitant to get the vaccine because they feel they don’t have enough trusted information and those who are vaccine-resistant.

There have now been 107 cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant reported in the region, according to the county.

Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the U.S., reported its fifth straight day Tuesday of more than 1,000 new cases.

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Kathleen Blavatt July 15, 2021 at 10:39 am

I would like a study of how many visitors with covid from other states come to SD and OB without shots or masks that party, go to crowed bars and stay at Air B & Bs, especially during the 4th of July and summer. How many locals get covid from other locals, and how many from vistors? The crowds in OB worry me a bit.


kh July 15, 2021 at 11:51 am

My understanding is if you’re vaccinated it doesn’t matter. How many of these recorded cases are from fully vaccinated people with no symptoms? Consider that testing is required across the board more and more for certain people/activities and not necessarily just sought out by those experiencing symptoms.

Interesting that they showed only the graphs that are increasing, and left out the continued decrease in deaths.

I’m really over worrying about the health of people that have access to a free vaccine and choose against it. And at some point we have to be realistic about what is an acceptable rate of hospitalization and mortality. That may sound morbid but it’s a necessary exercise when determining what restrictions are justifiable on people’s movements and activities, especially with regard to schools and businesses.


lyle July 15, 2021 at 2:51 pm

The current covid situation reminds me of a well-known photo showing GW standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier in front of a banner reading “Mission Accomplished”, followed by many more years of war in Iraq; except this time it was a couple of democrat politicians rather than a republican politician. That may sound pessimistic of me, but as Goeff said elsewhere in the comments, us old guys get to say what we want and the younger folks get to cut us some slack.


sealintheSelkirks July 22, 2021 at 11:06 am

Anecdotal info…unless you happen to live there I guess. A long-time friend up here just moved to Missouri a bit over a month ago due to her mom being old and needing help who had moved back to her birthplace years ago. Jani was born in SoCal and didn’t really want to go but family duty called. Heard from her last week and this disease had gone wild in that un-vaxxed state (she’s vaxxed). It is over-filling hospitals again, and the medical staff are saying that the patients are younger and younger and much sicker than they were last year. It’s not just ‘old people’ anymore, not with Delta. A majority of newly stricken are under 40 now…at least in that state. She also said that people are filling restaurants and gatherings and few are wearing masks. Two article links:

Engaging With Extremism

In my research, I repeatedly hear the same refrain: “If people knew what I knew, they would believe what I believe.” Followed by: “We need more education.”

Nearly all of the people — 99.5 percent — who are still dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

A Week Before The Opening Ceremony, Coronavirus Turns Up At Tokyo’s Olympic Village

A cut:
…One year later, the pandemic is still here, driven in part by the delta variant, which spreads the coronavirus about 225% faster than the original version.

I’m seeing the same thing up here. Vaxx rate is still about 22% but the restaurants are full and people are acting like it’s all over. When one doesn’t pay attention to reality, it tends to come back and bite you. I’m still masking in any building I go in. No point in joining the herd is my thinking.



sealintheSelkirks July 28, 2021 at 3:05 pm

Latest is that the vaxxed are catching Delta so CDC changes its mind again. Go figure.


Reversing Earlier Guidance Amid Delta Fears, CDC Advises Vaccinated People to Wear Masks Indoors in Public

Public health experts and healthcare workers expressed alarm in May when the CDC released earlier guidance saying vaccinated people no longer needed masks indoors in public places.

*a vaccinated person infected with the Delta variant has levels of the virus that are “indistinguishable” from those in unvaccinated people who are infected…



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