Rally at City Hall to Demand Council Reject Proposed SDG&E Franchise Agreement – Friday, June 4

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Today, Friday – with the sun directly overhead at noon – a coalition of different groups will be rallying to demand San Diego City Councilmembers reject the proposed SDG&G franchise agreement. The Council has a final vote on the 10-year contract on Tuesday, June 8. The initial vote in May approved the agreement, but a second vote is required.

The rally will be at City Hall, 202 C Street in downtown San Diego. The groups – which include public interest, racial justice, and  environmental organizations – state:

The proposed franchise agreement would shackle residents and businesses in San Diego with  the highest rates in the continental United State for 20 years. … A rejection of this agreement would provide time for San Diego to fully consider its options,  including the option of forming an independent, non-profit community-owned utility.

Dr. Darwin Fishman, co-founder of Racial Justice Coalition San Diego, and adjunct professor  at Point Loma Nazarene University, stated:

“Equity, and lower rates should be at the forefront and driving the best option for San Diego.”

Craig Rose, member of Citizens  Franchise Alliance, and Public Power San Diego, stated:

“We need the Council to protect our City from SDG&E. This proposed agreement would hand the utility $20 billion in profit for a return of less than one  cent on the dollar. It’s a giveaway that neither ratepayers nor the environment can afford.”

The coalition’s press statement said:

At least four of the city’s councilmembers said they wanted no franchise agreement longer than five years. Only four councilmembers are needed to stop this bad deal on June 8th when the second  required vote is scheduled. On May 25, 2021 three councilmembers voted no on the flawed  proposal. These advocates are advocating for four no votes needed to stop the bad deal. ..

Many residents and taxpayers of the City of San Diego believe the utility franchise falls short to a  world-class state of-the-art franchise that they believe the City and residents deserve. At the rally Friday, coalition members will be at City Hall to show support for the  councilmembers who voted “no”. They will also ask Councilmember Elo-Rivera to vote “no” on  Tuesday.

Members of the coalition include:  Protect Our Communities Foundation,  Public Power San Diego, Racial Justice Coalition, Citizens Franchise Alliance, Activist San Diego, and Sunrise Movement San Diego.



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