Three Cheers for Liz Cheney: Sometimes It Takes a Woman Out of Right Field’

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By Collen O’Connor

Women’s History Month (March) usually features the deeds of great women; mostly ahead of their times and by now familiar names.

Their gains (since women’s right to vote) often came from progressive or “left leaning” quarters. Yet, even now, they have been unable to secure the Equal Rights Amendment; the White House; or even a woman’s face on a dollar bill. The attempt to get Harriet Tubman’ face on the $20 bill remains stuck in legislative limbo.

This is not to diminish the success and enormous accomplishments of Speaker Nancy Pelosi; the great gains of women currently in political office; the judiciary; in science; space; and international affairs the military or entertainment.

But, is to underscore the magnitude of the one recent, amazing shot “out of right field.”

What a surprise when Wyoming Republican, Liz Cheney, the third ranking member of the GOP leadership, voted to impeach Trump for inciting the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,” Cheney said then.  And has not deviated since.

Who saw that coming?  What a “profile in courage.”

A staunch Republican, Cheney considers “Right-Wing” hawk a compliment.  She holds an 82% conservative Heritage score in Congress and won her statewide 2020 election with 69% of the vote.

However, on Feb. 6th, she was censored by the Wyoming GOP for her vote to impeach Trump. The state party also called for Cheney to “immediately” resign and threatened to “withhold any future political funding,” while also demanding repayment of all GOP donations to her 2020 campaign.

This all happened shortly after she easily win the House Republican Conference vote to keep her leadership post.

Faced with those and other intimidations and threats, Cheney was asked if she regretted her vote “Absolutely not,” she answered.

She is unwavering.  When asked if Trump should speak at the Conservative PAC Convention in Florida, her response was a clear “No”.

“It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy,” she added.  “I think we…have a duty and an obligation to stand against that, [and] to stand against insurrection.”

Cheney also called for a 9/11-style commission to investigate the violence.

Such obstinance inside the Republican ranks, angered Trump, who called her a “grandstander,” and a “warmonger … who loves seeing our troops fight.” He praised the GOP censure of Cheney, calling the rebuke “good news.” Adding, “…hopefully they’ll get rid of her with the next election.”

So, who will lead the currently divided Republican party?  The white supremacist, GOPQanon party of Trump?  Or the hawkish, anti-insurrectionist wing of Liz Cheney?

For now, it seems Trump, enjoys a short-term advantage. His loyal fans cheered as a giant, fake gold, statute of Trump was wheeled into the conference hall.  More than three million people watched the video within the first 10 hours after it was posted.

Evangelical followers have insisted that Trump “was chosen by God.”  Some suggesting he was “the golden calf” of the Old Testament.

Trump’s long-term odds look iffy.  Especially with Cheney combating and defying him. The post-Trump presidency and the mounting investigations into possible criminal insurance, finance, and tax fraud allegations, the teeter-totter forces are already swinging in Cheney’s direction.  And she knows it.

Anyone want to bet that the daughter of former Vice-President, Dick Cheney (aka Darth Vader) is incapable of taking down Trump?

Trump fingering Cheney at the CPAC conference proves the point.  Her knows her profile is now national, climbing, and formidable.  His not so much.

Republicans have a choice.

Liz Cheney, “out of right field,” or Donald Trump, the “cult idol.”



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Frank Gormlie March 2, 2021 at 11:08 am

To show just how cutting edge the OB Rag is, our readers were treated to images of the new golden lamb while pundits in DC are talking about today, thanks to Colleen O’Connor, who has an uncanny ability to make predictions of wonkworld.


Peter from South O March 4, 2021 at 3:16 am

To be biblically correct, that would be “golden calf” . . . interesting side note: seems that the ‘artist’ and his business partner had a bit of a falling out and he just copped to the country where the statue was made.
You just can’t make this stuff UP!


Geoff Page March 4, 2021 at 3:53 pm

Thanks for that information, Peter, I just read up on this. Not only was it made in China as you said, there were two artists and the second one was Mexican. It is beyond amazing and then, sadly, it isn’t.

The blatant hypocrisy and dishonesty of the people who believe in the LOSER makes a person wonder. How were these people raised? Were they ever taught right from wrong or was the instruction just about how to get mine? You are right, you can’t make this stuff up because normal, moral people would never even imagine anyone being so deceitful to legions of people who adore them or so stupid to do something like this and think the real information would never get out.

I can’t completely decide if it is psychopathic behavior or just plain stupidity but I lean strongly for the latter because psychopaths are usually very smart.


Peter from South O March 4, 2021 at 4:04 pm

Crooks, on the other hand, are (thankfully) pretty damn dumb.
Remember, this all happened in FLORIDA. Many, many examples.


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