Joe Biden Will Be the Next President of the United States

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Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States. California Sen. Kamala Harris, will become the first woman, first African American, and first Indian American to serve as vice president.

With insurmountable leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Biden is projected to win enough states to garner the all-important 270 electoral votes.  Biden could also very well win Arizona and Nevada, states he does not need to become President.

A record turnout has included postal ballots which continue to skew heavily in Biden’s favor in the remaining undeclared states. He is also making preparations to address the nation tonight, Friday. More American voters voted for Biden than any other American presidential candidate in history. As of this writing, Biden has won 73,796,494 votes (50%) and Trump won 69,938,568 votes (48%), which is 4.7 million vote lead for Biden. Pundits think the total popular vote for Biden could reach 5 million, 6 million or more, and perhaps a 5-point spread.

Although voters did not repudiate Trump and Trumpism on Tuesday enough for Democratic hopes, Biden will still win. And although there will be a recount in Wisconsin and although the Trump campaign has filed legal challenges to the results in five states, and even though Trump has pledged to take it all to the Supreme Court – which he has packed – it’s clear that there is no over-all theory for a valid legal case. In at least one state, Trump lawyers argued to count all the votes, in other states, they are trying to stop the counting of ballots. The filed legal briefs by Trump lawyers have no internal logic or consistency, are baseless and frivolous. There will also probably be a recount in Georgia as well.

Apparently, Black voters – once again – have saved American democracy. Black voters in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee gave Biden the power to deliver knock-out blows to Trump in their respective states. One African-American reverend in Philadelphia said, Blacks have “gone from picking cotton to picking presidents.”

Small crowds of Trump supporters also tried to disrupt ballot counts in Arizona, Philadelphia and Detroit.

Yet, regardless of Biden’s win, Trump probably will not give a concession speech, not engage in the transition efforts and probably will not attend Biden’s inauguration in January. Trump in his 4 years has broken every norm and there’s no reason to believe he will start to live up to the trappings of the peaceful transfer of power at this late date.

The major news networks have not yet declared Biden the victor in an understandable abundance of caution.

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Jan Michael Sauer November 7, 2020 at 9:47 am

Just wanted to say- Thank You (!) to our Progressive Brothers and Sisters in the Great State of California . Your leadership and PERSISTENCE WITH THE RESISTANCE have been beyond fabulous . From day one , you never let us down (.) Definitely time to spark up a fatty . Let us resolve to work together throughout our great nation to make this administration as Progressive as we can . Thank you so much- and Very Happy Holidays !


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