Latest Poll: Measure ‘E’ to Abolish Midway 30 Foot Height Limit ‘Too-Close to Call’, Elliott Leads Briggs by 10 Points

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Measure E “Too Close to Call”

In a very recent poll of how San Diego’s voters feel about the candidates and ballot measures facing them in November, taken by the San Diego Union-Tribune/ 10News – SurveyUSA, the measure to do away with the 30-foot height limit in the Midway area is neck and neck.

Measure E, which would abolish the 30-foot height limit in the Midway-Pacific-Highway Community Plan Area, is too-close-to-call, 31% in favor, 29% opposed. Measure E needs a simple majority to pass. The measure is supported by Democrats 35 percent to 24 percent, opposed by Republicans 33 percent to 28 percent, and opposed by Independents 39 percent to 25 percent.

The measure also does much better among males than females, which could be due to the height limit allowing construction of a completely new sports arena. Men support the measure 42 percent to 28 percent, while women oppose it 30 percent to 22 percent.

Voters with lower incomes and lesser education levels are also more likely to support Measure E.

Latinos also give the measure solid support, while White and Asian likely voters opposed it.

Here is the poll.

City Attorney Race

In the city attorney race, the poll has incumbent Mara Elliott with a solid lead over challenger Cory Briggs, 30 percent to 20 percent – but half the voters in the poll – 50 percent – are undecided. Elliott beat Briggs by more than 130,000 votes in the three-candidate March primary.

Elliott leads Briggs in nearly every subgroup surveyed. The only groups where he has stronger support are conservatives, people who plan to vote on Election Day and people who disapprove of Faulconer’s performance. Elliott leads 2:1 among seniors age 65+. The older the electorate, the more likely she will be re-elected. Briggs leads by a nominal 3 points among voters determined to cast their ballot on Election Day. Elliott leads by double digits among voters who plan to return a ballot early.

Police Oversight Panel – Measure B

Measure B, which would create a citizen’s board to review actions taken by police officers, is certain to pass. At this hour, 55% are in favor, 19% opposed.

Measure A

Measure A, which would increase property taxes to raise money for affordable housing, has an ever-so-slight advantage at this hour, 36% in favor, 32% opposed. Because Measure A needs a “super-majority” of 66.67% of the popular vote to pass, the measure is too close to call at this hour. But the odds are against it.



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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman September 2, 2020 at 4:15 pm

San Diego’s coastal zone, protected by a 1972 citizens’ initiative, stretches inland for five miles from San Diego’s northern border with the City of Del Mar to Laurel Street. We need to keep this law from being overturned by Proposition E’s redeveloper/backers who plan to build countless tall towers in the Midway/Sports Arena area, increasing population density and further snarling traffic at the intersection of I-5 and I-8.The 30-foot coastal zone height limit law stands in their way and so, moving brazenly, Proposition E exempts the proposed redevelopment region from the law.

We need to remember: first things first. The 30-foot coastal zone height-limit law is what keeps all San Diego area beaches low-rise and accessible to teveryone. A precedent is set once the law is abridged in one area, and further erosion will occur until true coastal protection from dense development is just a memory. Vote No on Proposition E.


unwashedWalmartThong September 3, 2020 at 2:01 pm

Yep, I’ll be voting against abolishing the height limit. It just exceeds my limits for any building height. The height may not be higher than 40 bottles of beer placed upon each other in a peculiar balancing act that no one on the planet could accomplish. Using something short of California’s integrated math, it’s very simple: if the average bottle of beer is approximately 9″ in height, then
40 times 9 equals 360 divided by 12 equals 30. Thirty feet in height-that’s it.
A law-abiding, beer consuming, bird-watching, coyote-scared, atypical occupant of San Diego could hardly argue with this solid philosophical argument.
Forty bottles of beer on the shelf. Take one down. Pass it around.


Frank Gormlie September 3, 2020 at 3:03 pm

What’s with the “coyote-scared”? We saw a coyote in our back yard the other morning and it completely leaped the fence without touching it.


sealintheSelkirks September 4, 2020 at 7:04 pm

unwashedWalmartThong: You’d be completely freaked where I now live, then! I have a pack that is maybe 30 songdogs size that cruise through the property almost every night. Two of them one afternoon chased the big girl up the road from the gate, and everytime she would turn on them they’d fold up and suddenly be running the other way…until she started back towards the porch. Then I showed up on the porch (I was upstairs when I heard the ruckus) and they saw me and just melted into the ground… She was a 150 pound Brazilian Mastiff I inherited from a dying neighbor and boy were those little dogs not going to face to face with her, but they’d rip at her legs if they would have caught her.

But I did lose a dumped-off chow male a few years ago. Found a leg up the hill is all…

I so hope this awful deregulation fails. The problem I see is that there are so many people now living in San Diego that have NO IDEA why we vote for it, why was enacted in the first place. There are some serious blind spots at play here and it’s due to ignorance deliberately fostered by those who will profit.

The first brick in the wall is trying to be pulled out by the wealthy community destroyers, and imagine what it will be like once the limit gets completely washed off the books. And trust me, that’s what they’ve been trying to do since it got voted in!

VOTE AGAINST THIS. Tell everybody you know to vote against this. It’s not going to do anything but more congestion, more traffic, more of everything that is bad except the KA-Ching of the developers cash registers… Their cute little designs always turn to pigs*hit in reality.



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