Latest San Diego Mayoral Poll: Bry Leads Gloria by 3 Points

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Councilwoman Barbara Bry has a 3 point lead over Assemblyman Todd Gloria in a very recent poll by local media released Tuesday. In the survey on choice of mayor, Bry had 37 percent to Gloria’s 34 percent. This is definitely good news for the Bry campaign that up to now had to face the strong winds of an earlier poll that showed Gloria with a huge lead.

However, the Bry camp needn’t rest, as Bry’s lead does fall within the poll’s margin of error. And a huge number, 29 percent, were undecided. The poll was taken by the San Diego Union-Tribune/ 10News – SurveyUSA. Here is the poll.

So, given the margin of error – it’s fairly neck and neck. Bry squeaked by the lone Republican in the Primary to come in second behind Gloria – with 66,000 less votes than the Assemblyman.

19 percent of those polled said they have no opinion of Bry and 14 percent said they have no opinion of Gloria. According to the U-T:

Bry’s support is strongest among conservatives, older residents and voters who disapprove of the performance of incumbent Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who cannot run for re-election because of term limits.

Gloria leads among people planning to vote by mail, and he is even with Bry among White voters, Asian voters and voters who are under age 50.

But Bry, who is White, has more support from Latino voters than Gloria, who is Latino, Filipino and Native American.

From the Poll results:

  • Bry’s support is older than Gloria’s. The older the electorate, the better Bry will do. Bry leads by 7 points among voters age 50+
  • The younger the electorate, the better Gloria will do. ;
  • the contest is tied among voters age 49 or younger.
  • Gloria can take comfort in the fact that among voters who plan to vote by mail, he has the slightest advantage, 38% to 36%.
  • But among voters who plan to vote in person, Bry leads by 17 points.
  • Of those who back incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, Bry leads by 10 points, 37% to 27%.
  • Of those who back Democratic challenger Joe Biden for President, Bry and Gloria run effectively even, 38% for Bry, 37% for Gloria.
  • Of those who approve of the job that outgoing Mayor Kevin Faulconer is doing, the contest for Mayor is effectively even, Gloria 38%, Bry 37%.
  • Of those who disapprove of the job Faulconer is doing, Bry leads by 17 points.


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Don Wood September 2, 2020 at 10:36 am

I understand that there is a lot of dark money moving into PACs supporting Gloria. Who are the people or companies contributing money to those PACs and what has Gloria promised them if he is elected?


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