Trump’s Fatal Attraction: Himself

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By Colleen O’Connor

Recent behavior and Tweets have highlighted the unraveling of President Trump. Under pressure, he reverts to type.  He can’t help himself.

The latest happened on Thursday where Trump accused his Catholic opponent, Joe Biden, of being against the Bible.

“He’s against the Bible. Essentially against religion. But against the Bible.”

“No religion, no anything. Hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God,” Trump declared.

Perhaps this was an effort to erase Trump’s bible-holding photo-op (complete with tear gas fogged images) to announce his latest “law and order” campaign theme.

That attempt backfired.

Trump is compulsive in his need to dominate every news cycle, especially now as he is drowning in more than just bad poll numbers.  He is losing his audience. His Tweet storms are not just being ignored, but actually removed.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube removed a Trump post for “sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.” The deaths mount daily. The epidemic is Trump’s real threat to re-election and he is losing “bigly;” not just to the bug, but to the lead scientist.

The jealousy displayed over Dr. Anthony Fauci’s public trust approval numbers and his record-breaking baseball trading card sales, unhinged the President. On the virus, 67% of respondents do not trust the President.  65% do trust Fauci.

As for the limited-edition baseball card, displaying Fauci throwing a crooked pitch, it set an all-time print record run.  Selling 51,512 cards in a single day.  The previous record 19,396.

So, Trump whines aloud.

“Fauci’s got this high approval rating, so why don’t I have a high approval rating … with respect to the virus?  Nobody likes me.  It must be my personality.”

Forget the baseball cards, how about the tell-all books?

Especially, the best-seller, Too Much and Never Enough, by Trump’s niece, Mary Trump.  Her book outsold Trump’s 29-year total for The Art of the Deal.  Her popular tomb sold 1.35 million copies in first week.  And she continues to make huge news with every interview she gives.

Suggesting he should face criminal charges for his response to COVID-19. Just today, in an interview with the Financial Times, she offered this scathing indictment of her uncle.

“I didn’t understand that he didn’t do anything. Basically, we all knew he was an asshole, but he was our asshole. Because I was his niece, I didn’t know until then how horrible he was with women. It was really easy not to know some of the horrific things he was getting away with. Even then, it was clear he was not a competent person.”

About the women.

That Trumpian nightmare has come full circle from Stormy Daniels and the 17 plus women accusing Trump of sexual abuse, and affairs, to the rape and defamation claims of E. Jean Carroll. A judge just ruled that Carroll may proceed to depose the president and obtain his DNA sample for comparison with the dress she wore at the time of the alleged attack.

What other headlines are chasing him?  The powerful Lincoln Project ads that turn Trump against Trump and are designed to “get into his head.”

They do.

Confirmation that Deutsche Bank (which lent Trump and his company more than $2 billion over the past two decades) has complied with a subpoena from the NY District Attorney’s office, and provided detailed records. This week, the DA’s court filings suggested possible bank and insurance fraud crimes.

Next up.  More documents.

On Thursday, “The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, in a 7-2 decision, ruled that House Democrats can force former White House counsel Donald McGahn to comply with a congressional subpoena for testimony and still more documents.

Then the Attorney General of New York filed a civil action to dissolve and disband the NRA just as they did the Trump Foundation.  Claims are the NRA organization is “fraught with fraud and abuse;” ranging from expensive travels, 107-foot yacht and a $17 million contract (without Board approval) for the CEO should he exit.

Simultaneously, the Washington, D.C., attorney general sued the NRA’s charitable Foundation for diverting funds to the NRA parent.  All used to help pay for lavish spending by its top executives. The NRA remains one of Trump’s biggest contributors.  The organization spent $30 million on the 2016 Trump campaign for President in the midst of their own financial meltdown.

Trump, the author of his own misfortune. Under fire by a Gatling gun he loaded.

His own Fatal Attraction.


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Geoff Page August 7, 2020 at 1:45 pm

Well said, I especially like the sentences “Under fire by a Gatling gun he loaded.”

There are other images that come to mind. t-rump sitting on the end of a branch he is sawing off at the trunk.
t-rump looking down the barrel of a shotgun and pulling the trigger to see why it isn’t firing.
t-rump selling a mule to buy a plow.
t-rump snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

I nominate t-rump for this year’s Darwin Award.


Marc Johnson August 8, 2020 at 10:45 am

And Trump getting reelected is the best one.


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