The Final Season of the Donald Trump Show – Or Not?

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By Colleen O’Connor

A blockbuster, a disaster-filled melodrama, a much-anticipated showdown between the caped marvels of good and evil; or a horror show in real time or an alternate universe. Something to rival the Matrix or the “Who Shot JR?” summer in Dallas.

Could this really be the final episode of the final season of the Donald Trump Show? Doubtful.

This binge-worthy season just kicked off. So much so, that it has erased the memories of the first three years.

Remember the campaign?  The escalator?

Or how about the allegations of Stormy Daniels and 17 other women?  And her handsome, fearless attorney, Michael Avenatti?

Better still, the Access Hollywood tape and the “grab ‘em by the P**** remarks?  The Steele dossier and the alleged pee-pee tape?

Or the National Enquirer’s “catch and kill” practices that shielded Trump from scandals? Or the impact of Evangelist Jerry Falwell, Jr. on the born-again community’s allegiance?

Forgot about them already?

They have all resurfaced as a recap and teaser for this election season.

Episode One:

A court just ordered Trump to pay $44,100 to cover Daniels’ legal fees.  This in addition to the $130,000 in hush money he already paid her.

E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of raping her, at Bergdorf Goodman’s in the 1990s, has just won a court order. The President must provide his DNA to settle the case.  Carroll has “the dress.” No presidential immunity.  And a deadline to comply with tests and the beginning of “discovery.”

Next, Jerry Falwell, Jr. admitted his wife was having an affair with “the pool boy.” All part of a messy divorce, he claimed.  Then he argued he was being blackmailed by the young charmer. The youngster, in turn, admitted to the 7-year “affair.”  After which, he announced that Falwell not only knew about the affair, but enjoyed watching the indiscretions “from a corner of the room.”

Episode Two:

Books, books, and reports.

Not just Bolton’s The Room Where it Happened, that accused Trump of obstruction of justice and seeking help from China’s Xi in the 2020 election.

Remember Russian help in 2016 and the just released, final report from the GOP led Senate Intelligence Committee that found that Moscow “engaged in an aggressive, multifaceted effort to influence, or attempt to influence, the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.”

And that it continues.

Then there is Trump’s sister, Mary, and her bestselling, tell-all book, Too Much and Never Enough.  How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. Insult to Injury.  Mary Trump’s book has sold more books than the Art of the Deal sold in all 29 years.  She sold more than 1.3 million copies in first week.

What damning things Mary omitted about her uncle, her aunt provided, via a secret tape recording. Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, called her brother “rotten, disgusting,” and “cruel.” Oh, yes.  He also had someone else take his SAT tests and Maryanne did his homework for him.

Then there is Hoax Fox News by Brian Stelter, uncovering the collusion between Sean Hannity, a college dropout, and the TV-Fox personality’s penchant for providing policy positions Trump proposes.

Next up.  Melania’s best friend, and producer of the 58th Presidential inaugural show, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.  Also armed with a tape recorder, Wolkoff exposes the unpleasantness between non-ugly stepmother and children.

Wolkoff became the scapegoat for the lavish inaugural spending irregularities. The tell-all, Melania and Me, hits the bookstores on September 1st.

Then there is, Michael Cohen’s secret and damning manuscript, burnt before his prison guards could confiscate it or Trump could prevent its publication. Cohen gave the book to his wife via thumb drive.  (No publisher, yet). Cohen wants to self-publish so as to prevent leaks. He does tweak the “pee-pee” tape in his leadup.

All this before the 2020 Presidential Zoom conventions even started.

Stay tuned for Episode Three in the Final Season of the Donald Trump Show.

Still raging outside, a global pandemic, economic melt-down, schools closed, Post Office under attack, border crossings nearly closed to and from the United States, and more calls to Moscow.

The Final season promises to be binge-worthy: “Too Much and Never Enough.”

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman August 25, 2020 at 3:21 pm

Maybe it’s hubris to speculate openly if this is Trump’s “final season.”
At this point, Biden is said to lead Trump by 10 points or less, and it’s only August. Maybe we should emphasize how important it is to work for Biden/Harris, or to pick one of the six states where Democrats might flip the U.S. Senate — nearby Arizona and Colorado among them and Maine, where GOP Senator Susan Collins memorably refused to vote to impeach the President.
Let’s work strategically to elect Dems where it counts, and let’s speak positively about Joe and Kamala and vote for them in November. I think this election could go either way, and so does pollster guru Nate Silver.


jmw September 1, 2020 at 7:56 pm

Colleen, hi. Fun to read in a black humor sort of way. Sprightly and bouncy. Thanks.
The dirt on Trump would seem to be everywhere. Sometimes, it’s even comic, but the fact is, h’e the President. It seems to me that Trump has achieved little other than to please his base. I do not think he’s grown his base at all. In fact, he has alienated many staunch Republicans who will not be working for him. Plus, he’s made so many anti-science, anti-environment, anti-black, and anti-women decisions, statements and appointments that no one who cares about any of these issues can see him positively. Trump will fight dirty, but, this time, with his record on display, I don’t think he’ll be able to win. Declare martial law and call out the army, maybe.


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