Sometimes It Takes A Woman To Take Down a Bully

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By Colleen O’Connor

Trump has a woman problem.   It started with the massive Women’s March just after his inauguration and hasn’t let up.

In the 2018 midterms, 59% of women overall voted for a Democratic House candidate — with those rates reaching 73% for Latinas and 92% for black women.  Even greater numbers today.Facing a 2020 election, Trump keeps getting hammered by women.  Even Republican women.

Forget the international stars; German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; who politely declined to attend Trump’s G-7 meeting in Mar-A-Lago or Camp David, due to “pandemic concerns;” rolled her eyes at his comments about his German heritage; and who loomed over him at the G-7 summit in June of last year in a domineering photo that went viral.

Let’s look closer to home for our own female leaders.  The women Trump frequently denigrates by Tweet.

Starting with the obvious “in your face” responses by little known figures.

D.C. Mayor, Mayor Muriel Bowser, whom Trump called “incompetent” when she demanded that the National Guard be removed from the district.  In response, in the wee hours of the morning, she painted a Massive Yellow mural “Black Lives Matter” on the street leading up to the White House.

Then, she doubled down Friday night with “BLM” signage on tall buildings nearby… so that Trump could see them in his sleep.  And then renamed the area “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

“We turned on the night light for him so he dreams about #BlackLivesMatter Plaza,” she tweeted.   All in time for the massive Saturday protest march.

Next day, Trump did withdraw the National Guard.

Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitman, whom Trump labeled “that woman” and “Gretchen ‘Half’ Whitmer” in a March 27 tweet, calling her “way in over her” head and she “doesn’t have a clue.”

This because she refused to be silent in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis in her state and chastised the federal government for not coordinating and securing the PPE supplies and equipment needed to fight the pandemic.

And now she is coping with collapsed dams and flooding.

Remember, Michigan is a must-win swing state for Trump. Meanwhile, Whitmer’s job approval has surged more than 15 points, to 60 percent, with just 22 percent disapproving.  Trump’s approval 45%.

U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield of the Southern District of New York on Thursday told MGM to find a way for the plaintiffs to access hundreds of hours of  unaired footage from “The Celebrity Apprentice.

This as a response to a lawsuit from entrepreneurs who claim they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after President Trump and his children endorsed a multilevel marketing company on the reality show prior to the president’s election.  AKA a “pyramid scheme.”

Wait for the tax returns to become public.

Now the highly visible women.

The leader of the band, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.  Trump’s nasty tweets, “Nervous Nancy;” “Crazy Nancy;” and “over her head.” Or, because Nancy’s teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have time to think!”

Yet, she has literally “thumped” Trump on all accounts.  She “prays for him;” clapped back one of his State of the Union speeches; tore up another; stood up to him in the Oval Office and left in a designer “power coat” that sold faster than MAGA hats; mused that the President “appeared to be on medication;” and lately described him as “morbidly obese, some say.”

Thus, “vulnerable” for COVID-19.

And after the military tear- gassed peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors, to make way for Trump’s Bible-holding photo op, Pelosi contemptuously remarked, “What is this a banana republic?”

Maxine Waters, another member of Congress whom Trump dismissed as, “an extraordinarily low I.Q. person.” Her rebuttal, “‘Don the Con Man’ is a liar, he’s deplorable, he cannot be trusted…someone who does not deserve to be president.”  That fight continues.

But, it was Stormy Daniels, the “adult film star” who drew first blood from Trump.

That bleeding has never stopped.  Daniels opened the flood gates and first exposed the unabated “disgust” factor, turning most women against Trump personally, and the Republican party in general.

In late January, 50 members of the Congressional Women’s caucus penned a letter to Trump condemning,  “his continuing derogation of women in your rhetoric and policies.”

Examples: “‘You did a good job on her.’ ‘Take her out.’ ‘Get rid of her.’ ‘Lock her up.’ ‘Send her back.’ ‘Nasty woman.’  ‘Disgusting.’ ‘Low IQ.’ ‘Whack job.’’ Grab ‘em by the pussy.’ ‘I can do whatever I want.’”

The letter ended, “Mr. President, instead of being the biggest bully on the playground, why don’t you set a moral example for our children?”

Good question and one that should be answered definitely in November.

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thoughtfulbear June 8, 2020 at 2:56 pm

A “woman” problem, indeed.

Never once has he ever considered where he’d be without one…


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