More Thoughts From My COVID-19 Diary

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More COVID-19 Thoughts for These Past Weeks

By Steve Zivolich

The morbidly obese, with a heart condition, in my elder at risk group, liar in chief, wants us to take hydroxychloroquine, mmmmm well, think I will wait for the science.

Pretty cool, due to working at home, I don’t have to wear pants to work.

Just saw a hog farmer say she was distraught about having to euthanize her stock that she cannot sell. Well, what does she think happens when she sells it to the slaughter house? Pass the faken bacon.

Lots of runners in my area, I think they are going to try out for the COVID Olympics.

Hoping the Nazi, Anti-vaxer, liberation demonstrators are right, and that it is a hoax, but I don’t think so. They do have a point, they have a right to die, but not to take us with them.

What’s up with the Wisconsin supreme court, first they killed 7 people by having them line up and vote in person, now they have sentence the whole state to death.

After 2 months we finally got some toilet paper. Major celebration!

Bad homemade hair cuts are making me avoid being seen outside, maybe that is a good thing.

Our dog is happy.

We are buying lots more wine and beer. One is good for the heart, the other for the gut.

Garden is looking good. Not so much for the weeds.

Trump, we are number 1 in something; 100,000 dead. Great job Donny.

Health care rankings, I think there is a connection:
·         All the top ten have universal health care.

·         No. 10: Switzerland.

·         No. 9: Netherlands.

·         No. 8: Australia.

·         No. 7: Japan.

·         No. 6: United Kingdom.

·         No. 5: Germany. …

·         No. 4: Norway. …

·         No. 3: Sweden.

No. 2: Denmark
No. 1: Canada

The U.S. ranks 15th.

 Steve Zivolich was in the Point Loma High School Class of 1966 and now lives in Petaluma, California.

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