Coronavirus Diary Thoughts – 9 weeks

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Via Steve Zivolich

Has this been an elaborate plan by our dogs to get us to stay home with them more and take daily walks?

Strangest mothers day ever. Sent my wife an ecard; the third try went through and arrived one day late.

Thinking of contacting all the women who told me they would not touch me with 10 foot pole; and asking if the would consider modifying it to a 6 foot pole?

Turns out my end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-outfit is a pair of pajama bottoms.

Just finished both prime and Netflix.

Remember when we went to the grocery store and there were to many toilet roll makers to choose from?

This not how I thought we would end pollution.

I find myself leaving big tips now for take out food.

My new sport is washing the floors in less than 1 hour world record time.

When can we finally go back to a time, that when someone wearing a mask meant you were going to robbed?

Jehovah Witnesses now know I’m home.




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