Widder Curry Raves: The Angels Among Us

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By Judi Curry

In this very contemptuous time that we are living in, where many people are in violent disagreement with their neighbors, it is so refreshing to know that those disagreements can be put aside and “neighbor helping neighbor” shines through the clouds.

There are many people struggling right now to make ends meet; to put food on the table; to purchase prescription drugs, etc.  Many of those people are “Senior Citizens” – referred to by that horrible word, “elderly” in today’s society.  Being a “senior” does not make us elderly, but that is another story.

A group of “restaurateurs”, bakers, interested people have started an organization entitled, “Stayhomesd.com” – a “grocery assistance program for the elderly.”  (Damn!).  Their aim is specifically for those residents that are 65 and older, but if there are others with compromised situations something may be able to be worked out for them.

The people involved in this fantastic endeavor are delivering food to the Seniors free of charge.  They are receiving donations from community members, organizations, interested persons, to cover these expenses.  Sarah, the owner of the Olive Baking Company and Olive Café arranged insurance for her employees two weeks ago so that they could make deliveries to those receiving the food. She is trying to keep all her employees employed.

Matt at Fire House Restaurant has donated his entire top floor of his restaurant to work on the distribution of the items being delivered to the Seniors.

Sarah told me that CISCO has been fantastic in working with the group in obtaining food at wholesale prices.  The entire group is adapting to the needs that the Seniors are developing.  She mentioned that she never thought that bread would be such a high commodity, but stores are running out of bread very quickly.  To adjust to this, she has changed her store hours to be open longer at both the bakery (7:30am-5:00pm)  and café (7:00am – 6:00pm). (Curb side service is offered.)

She actually broke down in tears when she told me that the San Diego Rowing Club has breakfast at her Café every Saturday after they have finished rowing.  She said, in tears, that the Rowing Club made a huge donation to the group to help offset the costs of this wonderful endeavor.

It is interesting to note that they are not just limited to the beach areas. Sydney, a spokeswoman for the group told me that  they are making deliveries to all of San Diego County, and had just made a Fallbrook delivery.  They make no contact with the people receiving the food; they put the food by the front door, call the recipient, and walk away.  They want to be part of the solution – not a problem.

In Mission Beach a “Green/Pink” card has been established.  If all is well, the Senior puts the green card in the window.  If they need help, they put the back – a pink card – in the window.  Everyone is safer.

The group is grateful for any and all donations.  Check them out at Stayhomesd.com.  They accept Pay Pal, “Go Fund Me”, etc.

For those seniors that do not have access to a computer, or have difficulty using one, you can still place an order with Stayhomesd.com.
Call them at 619-800-3252. They are are a bit backed up but if you leave a message with your phone number they are calling everyone back
and will fill out the form for you via phone.

As a Senior, I personally wish to thank each and every one of the volunteers working on this project. No one is being paid; it is strictly from the good of their heart that they are doing this.  Let’s hope that the pandemic is over quickly and normalcy will return. In the meantime, each one of you working with this project  should be proud of yourselves.  In the time of crisis you came through.

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Stan Levin March 26, 2020 at 1:21 pm

Very fine encouraging report, Judi


Daniel Joseph Smiechowski March 26, 2020 at 7:50 pm

Mankind’s folly. “We all die as fools” Voltaire–As recently as 75 years ago the earth witnessed the Nuremburg Trials subsequent to the mass murder of 6 million Jews and the earth learned nothing except for seeking solace during desperate times. When times become rosy, San Diegan’s will revert back to their usual barbarism and willful disregard for civility. Everybody wants a pacifier when their backs are cornered like a dog! I’m not buying into this BS!


Jim March 27, 2020 at 6:00 pm

You should go live with the grinch—you’ll be a lot happier. . .


tennyson March 27, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Thank you for this, Judi. I have been trying to determine which restaurants are providing meals to those in need and can sustain this even after they run out of food on hand with donations from the community. Please do not forget to mention Surf Side Deli , Pt Loma. Sustained with donations from the community, Surf Side is providing fresh/hot meals to anyone who requests a meal, no qualifiers, just ask.


Judi March 27, 2020 at 8:44 pm

They are to be commended. Thanks for telling us


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