OB Planning Board to Review Application for 6 Cell Towers on Lifeguard Station

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Here is the full agenda for the OBPB meeting Wed., Dec. 4, 2019:

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5G?? December 4, 2019 at 1:18 pm

Thanks for posting this OB Rag.
I’d like to point out that the image you’re using and which is sponsored by “Stop 5G California” group is without question, FALSE and the “facts” they provide are outright lies!
There is absolutely no proof, anywhere, that 5G technology is unsafe.
-“Densification” of these antennas has no increased risk (I guess unless they topple on you) to anyone.
-Just because the FCC is conducting an environmental review – that does not provide any proof of a danger to the public
-There is absolutely zero evidence that the community or people living and working nearby will suffer any harm whatsoever.

While there may be legitimate reasons for objecting to an antenna being installed, a health and safety hazard is not one. In fact, you’re more in danger of relaxing on the beach without proper sunscreen than you are from any cell phone antenna (2,3,4, or now 5G).

I call for anyone who is interested to search for sources that are reliable, vetted, and use peer-reviewed scientific data to make their own judgement on this issue. Or else, you’ll fall into the same trap that people did when they believed the false and misleading claims about vaccinations.


Frank Gormlie December 4, 2019 at 1:21 pm

We’ve also posted the full agenda for tonight’s OBPB meeting at 6pm.


retired botanist December 4, 2019 at 5:31 pm

Ok, 5G??, but wait just a minute!
First, the image isn’t “false”, its apparently an image of a bulletin that someone has produced in opposition to this proposal. So you fall into the same “false” category that they might.

I don’t know whether any of those claims are valid; heck, I don’t even own a smart phone. I do know (but only so far) that Trump’s claim that wind turbines (although there are lots of other things that muddy the waters re wind turbine benefits and detrimental effects) do not cause ear cancer…

My point here is that if the FCC is conducting an environmental review, why not wait for those results before letting T Mobile smear the area with more antennas?

I don’t know 5G from OG, but what I do know is that I see a classic MO here: Move in with the new stuff quick, before any environmental, regulatory or other watch-dog evidence has a chance to catch-up. Then wait for the the back-pedaling, because until there actually IS longer-term evidence, regulatory support, more data, contraindications, yada yada yada, no one really knows, do they?
So you can say all you want “that there is no proof anywhere that 5g technology is unsafe”, but that’s because there is also no proof anywhere that it is safe.

Everyone wants everything instantly. Slow down, what’s the rush?


5G?? December 4, 2019 at 9:43 pm

Hi Retired B.
thanks for the reply…
My understanding (and I just might be wrong) is that the FCC is conducting an environmental review but not out of concern for health issues due to microwave radiation, but for environmental. impacts overall. The narrative that the FCC has concerns about this technology for health issues is misleading.

“no one really knows, do they?”
YES. They do. We’ve been working with this technology for decades.

“that’s because there is also no proof anywhere that it is safe.”
Incorrect. There IS proof that using MW for transmitting data over the air is, in fact, safe. Lots of proof. Decades of data.
AND I’ll add that science and the scientific method require proof.
If you claim that microwaves cause health problems, then it’s your burden. It’s not my burden to disprove your false claim. (By you, I don’t mean you personally – I mean those people who make the false claim).

There are no known, long-term issues using microwaves in this manner. Microwaves, at VERY short distances (we’re talking inches away from the source) can cause issues over long exposure. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that they cause health issues when used to transmit data.
If that were the case, we’d have multiple generations of people dying from heating up their food and consuming it.

This entire issue is exactly the same as the anti-vax one. A “scientist” in an unrelated field makes a claim that is subsequently debunked. But because of it’s technical complexity, the public can’t comprehend the issue and runs with the false narrative even when presented with evidence disproving the claim. It’s an absurdity with a root-cause of lack of scientific education in our country.


retired botanist December 5, 2019 at 6:10 am

5G, yep, your points are valid, but its never as straightforward as it looks on the outside. To wit, the microwave example, sure enough, stand in front of one with a pacemaker everyday and there might be problems, and most people who use them literally DO stand inches away while they wait :) …
And the vaccination example: I personally am in favor of vaccinations, bu there are definite caveats that get thrown out with the anti-vax bathwater. Combining multiple doses of different antibodies at one time, immunizing infants at incredibly early ages, immunizing infants who are ill at the time, changes in formulary,unanticipated allergic reactions to ingredients, etc. I’m sure there are valid scientific data, though likely affecting very low percentages of a general population.
Thanks for pointing out that the FCC’s investigation may have more emphasis on environmental issues than specific health issues. Basically, everything new that goes into a landscape has an environmental effect (e.g. wind turbines, solar arrays, cell phone towers, hydroelectric dams, nuclear waste, underwater sonar) on a host of species besides humans. And that’s one of the great things about California’s environmental laws, some of the best in the country.
If folks want to walk around 24/7 with airpods in their ears (haha, is that 5G technology? :), as you say that’s on them. But what about all the species and habitats (above examples include birds, deserts, fish salmon, whales, dolphins, bees) that don’t have a voice?
And indeed, much of the human population is seriously challenged in sorting out scientific data, whether its the 6 page disclaimer inside an Rx box that USED to be the doctor’s responsibility, or drilling down on complicated, technological issues. Its a minefield out there! Unfortunately, I have lost confidence in big corporations like T-mobile to keep the interests of the greater good at heart and in practice.
I’m sure 5G is the wave of the future, like so many other things fast-tracked everyday. My point is what’s the rush? E-scooters come to mind; in the rush to get them on the streets and “be green” as it were, no one stopped to consider the national havoc they’ve created since! :-)


5G?? December 5, 2019 at 1:04 pm

100% in agreement my friend.
Especially with your comment about how a big Corp. only has the best interests of their shareholders and not really the community in which they serve. That’s why you and I are in agreement that public education – especially in the sciences – is critical.


kh December 6, 2019 at 10:29 am


Members of the public, including about 10 lifeguards came out to oppose this project. The planners voted non-unanimously to recommend denial of the application.

There was skepticism about the broad claims of health hazards, but in my opinion, the board was ultimately swayed by the concerns of the lifeguards who spend long hours in that facility, and because the applicant seemed unprepared and unable to instill any confidence about the safety of the equipment, enough doubt remained. Further, the applicant said the radiation levels are well below the allowed limit, however the simulation produced by them showed it as 96% of the FCC’s allowable public limit. And it failed to show any distribution of where that occurs, but rather, a map all in one shade of blue designating the entire area as <100% limit.

Also a consideration was the fact that the design process is in the works to remove and replace the lifeguard station.

Keep in mind this is just one antenna array, from one carrier. Other carriers wanting to bring 5G into OB would be adding even more equipment nearby.

Note that the city can still approve the permit despite the Board's recommendation.


Frank Gormlie December 7, 2019 at 9:30 am

kh – thanks so much for the update.


sealintheSelkirks December 7, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Here’s a recent link people need to read:

Why I Don’t Have a Mobile Phone

I’ve got a LOT of documents with links to science reports, most coming out of Europe which isn’t quite so bought by the US corporations. Since the FCC is owned by the US telecommunications industry you can’t expect much reality by the bought & sold so-called protectors of the public health.

It is so similar to the DEA being completely in charge of who/what/where any scientists wanting to ‘investigate’ cannabis who have to get permission from them when 80% of their busts are for cannabis!

Can we spell ‘conflict of interests?’

So expecting the bribed politicians to not stay bribed? It would negatively influence their campaign fund drives…or their payoffs after being in charge of ‘regulating’ these industries by becoming lobbyists or put directly on the payroll after ‘returning to civilian life’ through that revolving door we see happening over and over.

Is anybody out there surprised??? I thought not.

And no, I have never owned nor will own one of these addictive devices (designed that way) regardless of how detrimental they are to human health. I much prefer the landline with an answering machine. Life is much quieter and calmer and less…interrupted.

And the MOST ANNOYING part is when in a conversation with someone they can’t freaking be bothered to NOT ANSWER the stupid thing when it rings. Incredibly disgustingly rude, in your face telling you that your presence is not important in the least because they just HAVE to read this useless waste-of-time text.

I learned how to deal with it, at least in my home. I have a basket by the door that when people come over to visit, have dinner, watch a movie (I have 5,000 movies on the shelf and no TV) I ask that they turn them off and put them in the basket for the duration. Unless they want to walk outside and check them which many can’t seem to stop doing, but yep it certainly annoys people to do that. And I notice that they are very reluctant to part with them even for that short time of watching a movie. Addictive technology is not a joke… :)



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