Ocean Beach Ten Years Ago: October 2009

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It’s amazing to discover what was going on in Ocean Beach a decade ago – in October 2009. Because the OB Rag keeps archives which can be pulled out at any time (and available to our readers), we looked at the articles we posted 10 years ago and found many parallels with today in OB. So get on the OB Time Machine and travel back with us ten years … to another era ….

  • Poverty Rate at 50-Year High in San Diego County

Poverty in San Diego County shot up in 2008, rising at a much faster pace than in California or the nation. This plunge in quality of life for many San Diegans is documented in U.S. Census data released today. The data show that 850,000 county residents — 29% of the population — were living in economic hardship in 2008 … Poverty rate at 50-year high in San Diego County

Here’s some local news from ten years ago:

  • Peaceniks Leaflet Point Loma High School – San Diego’s local Coalition for Peace and Justice members and other volunteers handed out anti-war fliers to students as they arrived at Point Loma High …
  • North OB Restrooms to have Temporary and Mobile Replacements – As many know, the public restrooms at the beach in north OB have been torn down.  The facility will not be fully replaced for another 18 months.  In the meantime, the City of San Diego plans on installing mobile and temporary restrooms on the old cement slab …
  • A man hit a woman on the head with a bongo drum and was arrested in Ocean Beach. Officers were called to Voltaire Street near Etiwanda Street about 3:40 a.m. by someone who heard a woman calling for help …
  • Diver who died off Sunset Cliffs identified – A scuba diver who apparently drowned off Sunset Cliffs Tuesday has been identified as Daniel Forchione, an officer with the University of Arizona Police Department vacationing with his family. He and two diving companions were heading back to their chartered dive boat after completing a second dive when he became separated from the other two, … and it appears he may have panicked on the surface ..

OB Town Council Takes on Lifeguard Station and Restrooms

Every now and then, an Ocean Beach organization takes one of the community’s problems head-on.  This is happening with the old OB lifeguard station and its public restroom facilities.  The OB Rag has been championing a new station and restrooms. And now, stepping up to the problems, the OB Town Council has “adopted” the public building – built sometime in the late Sixties – and plans to shepherd through some improvements with the facility.  The Board was taking the lifeguard building under its wing.  Go here for more.

“Dog Rage” Between Humans at Dog Beach

We had our first experience of what I would like to call “Dog Rage” on a recent weekend. I have seen “Dog Rage” at Balboa Dog Park, but this was my first time experiencing it firsthand here in OB. On this particular past weekend we were out enjoying the late afternoon sun with the dogs at Dog Beach. An un-neutered male dog approached our blanket and attempted to mount my spayed female dog. My boyfriend “shoo’d” the dog away from the blanket. At no time did either of us touch the dog. The owner approached my boyfriend verbally threatening violence. He was looking to fight. Go to “Be peaceful at Dog Beach. ‘If the dogs can do it, can’t we?’”

Now compare these decade-old views of OB’s Oktoberfest:

  • OB Oktoberfest 2009 – Surrealism and Silliness Abound

The trick to reporting on these events, as I discovered after a few trips around the block, is to either go late or go early. I went early today and missed out on what one my usual sources called “a flood of douchebags” from Pacific Beach. I wonder how he knew? Do PB people have tattoos that give away their douchiness? Early turned out to be a good call as I got to see OB Oktoberfest with kind of a corny and small town feel…if it were being shot for a Fellini movie. Go here.

  • Reader Rant: OB’s Oktoberfest? Bah humbug!

How do you say, “bah humbug!” in German? That’s my attitude about the most recent event in downtown OB this past weekend that was labeled “Oktoberfest.” Was this an Oktoberfest or just another street fair at the end of Newport? Nothing seemed like Oktoberfest. This event was no different from any other street fair at the bottom of Newport. The charity is the same, the cost is the same, the crowd is the same…the only thing different is that this is called “Oktoberfest” ... Go here.

Feeling the Fall in OB

Even in Ocean Beach, a Mecca for sun-lovers, you can feel the fall coming. Obecians jump right into the season – just the hint of crispness in the air, and suddenly everyone is wearing sweaters, making soup, and huddling around mugs of tea or coffee, looking for all the world like extras in Home Alone 5: The Beach Holiday. What to do with this surfeit of cozy feeling? Even in the city of eternal summer, options abound for fall fun. Here are just a few ideas for creating fall in the shadow of a palm tree: 1)   Escape the bubble … Go here for the rest.

The Case of UFO Sightings and The Spaceman of Ocean Beach – go here.

Airport could get a new track – public hearings to be held on High-Speed Rail line

San Diego residents will have the chance to weigh in on the three proposed routes for the California High-Speed Rail line that is expected to run from Los Angeles to San Diego by 2019. The state is planning to construct a high-speed train that will ultimately run from San Francisco and Sacramento to San Diego and perhaps include a stop at Lindbergh Field. The railroad line is being planned in eight segments by the California High-Speed Rail Authority with input from regional planning groups. Go here.

Anti-graffiti progress seen along cliffs but not at local market

One of OB’s local anti-graffiti activists reported that on Wednesday, October 7th, three days had gone by with no graffiti seen along Sunset Cliffs from Pt. Loma Ave to the OB Pier at Niagara.  Hopefully, none has appeared more recently.  Our community has Ed and other such activists to thank for their diligence in keeping our cliffs graffiti-free. However, on another front, a local market still has not addressed graffiti on its walls and roof.  Another anti-graffiti activist has informed us of the following: “I wanted to let you and everyone else know that Apple Tree market is still not doing anything about the numerous large tags all over their building.  The mural on the north side has been tagged for months now…” See this.

Dog Shot by Police at Farmers Market

The usual calm and fun at OB’s famous Farmers’ Market was broken this afternoon when a San Diego Police  officer shot and killed a local pit bull in Hodad’s parking lot on the 5000 block of Newport Avenue.  Police claim the officer was forced to shot the dog as it was attacking another officer. Go here.

Two OBceans Appointed to Medical Marijuana Task Force

Two local OB residents are sitting on the newly-appointed and created Medical Marijuana Task Force.  OB Business owner David Martin and Larry Sweet, a medical marijuana patient from Ocean Beach were both appointed to the 11-member Task Force by the San Diego City Council. Smoke this.

Fire on Lotus Street

On Sunday, October 18th, a fire broke out in an Ocean Beach garage and then damaged the nearby house and a boat. It all happened before noon on Lotus Street, near Ebers. The fire forced one person out of their home. Here.

Who Pays for Sunset Cliff Rescues?

About a week ago, on October 14th, a young man had to be rescued off of the cliffs. The cliffs are Sunset Cliffs, south of OB proper. The rescue of somebody, whether they are plucked from the ocean, rappelled from the cliffs, carried out of the danger zones is not a new occurrence for these beautiful but dangerous cliffs.  Over the years, many people have had to be rescued from either the ocean below or the cliffs themselves.

The guy who got stuck had been surfing and tried to come ashore at high tide and couldn’t make it up the cliffs.  So, the Lifeguards were called. Emergency responders were dialed up and their assistance was urgently requested. It is reported to us by a witness that four (4) police cars showed up.  So did an ambulance.  Plus three (3) lifeguards arrived.  And to top it off, a fire truck made a show. Cops, para-medics, lifeguards and firefighters showed up to rescue one guy. This particular guy’s dilemma – we don’t know his name or how exactly he came to be stuck between a rock and a hard place – raises some interesting questions: Who pays for cliff rescues?

OB Rag awarded by OBMA for annual Street Fair coverage

Last night 10/22/09 at the Masonic Temple, the OB Rag received a special award from the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association for our coverage of OB’s annual Street Fair held last June. See this.

Locals Set Out Surfing Rules for Sunset Cliffs

A few days ago, a sign appeared at Ladera Street at the end of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, just before the stairs.  It was a privately-made sign, nailed to a post and stuck in the ground. Yet it boldly set up surfing rules for Sunset Cliffs, and emphasized that “Locals” have priority on the waves.  It also cautioned inexperienced people not to surf at the famous Cliffs, known for their beauty and their dangers.  (Just last week, a young surfer got caught in the high tide and had to be rescued.) Go here.

OB Music Community – a golden garden tended with love and enthusiasm

Hey man! You want to know what OB’s coolest new best kept secret is? They just started this here in October so you may not be (as they say) hep to the jive, but it’s Happy Hour at Winston’s every Thursday evening from 5 til 8 pm. I don’t know about you, but I completely dig a no cover charge to hear some of Southern California’s best musical artists and acts perform at a great live venue while Kate the bartender serves up some great libations. Hey, maybe you’ve just always wanted to perform for your friends and others at a local night spot. A place that has national acts and yet still doesn’t break the bank while you knock back $2 “Nati Lites”, $3 “PBRs” and/or $2 house shots.

Buzzing About OB – Searching For a Good Cuppa Joe

We can trace the history of our love affair with coffee back to a Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. The story goes that one day Kaldi noticed his herd dancing from one coffee shrub to another, grazing on the cherry-red berries containing the beans. He nibbled a few himself and was soon frolicking with his flock. Sip this.

‘It Takes a Village’ – OBceans Help Elderly Point Loma Man

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do for others when called upon to help and today was no exception. This morning I got to meet Jim Dent, the Point Loma electrician who was compelled to help an elderly gentleman who had called him needing some electrical work done. Jim discovered that was just the tip of the iceberg… A call for help went out and the community answered. There is much more work to do and I have no doubt that call will be answered too, but I have to tell you about what happened today.

The group of people that came together this morning was as diverse as it was courageous. Jim had warned everyone in his emails and comments leading up to today’s cleanup that the conditions were bad and he was well prepared, providing everyone with respirator masks and sturdy gloves. Go here.

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