News On Newport Avenue Ten Years Ago in October 2009

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Newport News 007-cow-smOriginally posted on October 17, 2009

Cow is moving out of OB

We spoke to Greg last week, the owner of Cow, Newport’s only music store. And unfortunately for the community, his business will be moving out of Ocean Beach by the new year. He is on a month-to-month lease. The reason for the move from the beach? Well, there are two reasons:

First, the owner of the BBQ House is expanding and developing a new restaurant next door to its current and apparently successful enterprise. Abdul is opening up – probably – a pizza and beer place – the space that Cow now rents. So, Cow has to move.

But Greg wanted to buy a building up the street – in the 4900 block of Newport – and had offered the owner over half a mil. Buying the building would have allowed him to not only stay in OB, but also create something else in addition to Cow as well. Those dreams were dashed by the building’s owner. Greg feels he cannot afford to stay around – despite the myriad of empty building spaces in and around Newport Ave. This is certainly bad news for OBcean music lovers.

BBQ House to add a pizza and beer joint next door

Abdul, the owner of BBQ House, is expanding new door and making a pizza and beer restaurant. The project appears to be in its last planning phases.

OB should be proud that the BBQ House has been such a success, as the community bent the rules regarding parking in order to allow Abdul and his family to move from their old location next to the Strand Theater (before Wings) to relocate where they are now. The OB Planning Board waived the rule on new businesses being forced to provide a certain amount of parking.

Newport News 021-tire-sm

Tire Store to remain at least for another year

Some good news. Newport’s tire store – the OB Tire Center – will not be moving at the end of this year, as earlier the owner had threatened. Instead, according to Louie, the owner’s brother, they have signed a new lease for at least one year, maybe more. This is definitely a healthy sign for OB.

The tire store sits at the busy intersection of Newport and Cable Street, and has deals for local residents. The rent is high, but perhaps there are silver linings in these dark clouds of recession. It is perhaps too expensive for the current owners of the property to expand and build the rumored restaurant.

Newport News 001-john-long-sm

Well-known OB musician plays for free on Newport

One of OB’s most well-known musicians, John Trafolla, can be found sitting on Newport Ave’s sidewalk – playing acoustic songs for any passersby – especially on Fridays. John likes the acoustical hollow effect provided by the small courtyard behind the ice cream shop and South Coast Bar and Grill. He plays right at its entrance.

He does like to come now to Newport, set up his chair and play and sing. And if you’re lucky enough to hear him as you walk by, take a moment and listen. John told me he is in the process of forming a new band. Look for them soon.

Newport News 016-rest-sm

Italian restaurant’s exterior looking finished

It appears that the exterior on a new Italian restaurant, “Ciao Bella“, is getting closer to being finalized. Workers were seen working on the front of the business at 4953 Newport. The Notice of Ownership Change says it will be Ciao Bella.

Newport News 018-bout-sm

Work continues on old sun tanning space

Huge sheets of paper block the view through the large windows at the old sun tanning business. Workers have been inside redoing the place. There is a rumor that a boutique will be opening sometime soon.

Newport News 010-pizport-sm

The walls are tumbling down at the old Boll Weevil

Not far from Newport Avenue, construction workers have taken a huge bite out of the tasks before them in rehabbing the old Boll Weevil site, at the corner of Santa Monica and Bacon Street. Walls came tumbling down, as a bobcat whirred inside the construction fence along the property line.

Pizza Port will be moving into the space, once the rehab is completed. The successful pizza business, coming from North County, promises some excellent food a a great variety of beer. We wish them all the luck.

That particular site, as old-timers can tell you, has had a troubled history. It’s been extremely difficult for the myriad of bars and restaurants that have tried to make it there.

Sometime in the Eighties, the original Boll Weevil moved out. After that, a series of restaurants, sports bars and clubs – including Java Joe’s, formerly from Newport – and at the end – the old Boll Weevil even moved back. But none of them lasted. Not sure why. Maybe it’s too far off the beaten track – not enough foot traffic. Yet, it’s only one block from Newport.

Newport News 013-abb-sm

Burnt Abbott Street house being repaired

Abbott Street neighbors of the house burnt months ago are happy something is happening there. New repairs and new wood have appeared at the building, between Cape May and Saratoga, on the west side, and it seems as if the place will be rebuilt soon. Ever since the mysterious fire – with accusations of arson flying about – the near-gutted structure has marred that section of Abbott.

The repair effort means somebody will have a house again, and somebody has a job. These are good things.

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