OB Has 4 New Fire Rings for Total of 8

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Just before the July 4th holiday, this reporter counted only four fire rings on the beaches of OB.

Over the years fire rings have been an issue – as the City has tried to remove them in those lean years back a decade or so ago.

But today, we can announce: Ocean Beach is blessed with four brand, new fire rings – which now makes eight – the number OB is “supposed” to have.

OB’s new fire rings. Photos from July 11, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The new ones are spread out between lifeguard tower 3 and 4. The older four are spread out between tower 4 and the little jetty.

Many beach-goers and fire ring users (some call them “fire pits” – and this guys are not “rings” but square, but who calls them “fire squares”?) pretty much take them for granted – after all they’re just fire rings – and aren’t aware of the history of saving OB’s fire rings. But way back in the lean budgetary years of 2009-11 the city wanted to remove them as part of then-Mayor Jerry Sanders’ efforts to cut costs.

The idea of losing an iconic part of beach and surf life upset some of us enough that the OB Rag began an adopt or “Sponsor-a-Fire Pit” campaign. Along with others, we helped convince then-Councilman Kevin Faulconer and Mayor Sanders to relent – which they did by finding some private funding for the pits.

(Hat tips to Judith, Charlie and Sheila)

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Tyler July 14, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Very cool. Just hope this doesn’t bring back the increased amounts of nails from pallets like before


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