News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early June 2019

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There Is a Piano at OB Hardware – and Dottie Is Still There

It’s true – there’s an upright piano at the new OB Hardward.

And Dottie is still there. Plus the store will be open Sundays.

Mayor Wants Feedback on Scooter Corrals for Ocean Beach

As OB Rag readers know, the City of San Diego is planning to expand its designated scooter parking zones to Ocean Beach. We recently published a list and map of 106 prospective locations sent to the Ocean Beach planning board.

The ‘Micro Mobility Parking Corrals’ – as the city calls them – are installed at red curb spaces that supposedly do not block traffic, fire hydrants or impede visibility. The Mayor’s office says it is working with community groups to find suitable locations in OB and they plan to have feedback by June 10th. Also contact Councilwoman Jen Campbell’s office.

Here’s Contact Info for Mayor Faulconer

Mayor Kevin Faulconer and his staff can be reached at 619-236-6330; The mayor’s rep for OB is being changed and we don’t know who will be the new one. But well-known former Zapf aide Conrad Wear is working in the Mayor’s office these days.

Contact Info for Councilwoman Jen Campbell

You can reach Councilwoman Jen Campbell and her staff at 619-236-6622;; Campbell’s rep for OB is Seamus Kennedy,  .

Surf Check and Auto Shop at Sunset Cliffs and Pt Loma Ave Are Gone

Down in south OB, there’s a major change at the corner of Sunset Cliffs Blvd and Pt Loma Ave: the Surf Check “hot-dog” stand is gone. And the Cliffside Auto Clinic is all closed up. It could be the property owner has decided now is the time to cash in on that lot, just a few yards from the Cliffs. Actually Cliffside Auto has moved to La Mesa. [The OB Rag is an interactive website – so dear readers, if you have any ideas or have made some inquiries, let us know.] (Hat tip to jamrave)

Impeach at the Beach – Sat. June 1 at 11am at Dog Beach

There comes a time, indeed, when we – the citizens – need to stand up for our country. We need to stand for the Rule of Law. And we need to call for Trump’s impeachment. That time is now – this Saturday, June 1 – when OBceans and people from all over San Diego will converge on Dog Beach to spell out “Impeach” with our bodies. Simultaneously, people at Ocean Beach in San Francisco will be doing the same thing. This will be history in the making. See this post and our facebook page.

Memorial Day Remembrance at Ft Rosecrans Cemetery Almost Didn’t Happen

In Point Loma, a remembrance ceremony was held Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery – but it almost didn’t happen. The Fort Rosecrans Memorial Day Committee said it was $9,000 in debt and couldn’t host the ceremony. However, volunteers were able to raise the funds in six weeks to save the ceremony. “When you see the heartbreak and the hollowness in their hearts, it inspires you to try to make this day as special as you possibly can for these people and thank God that people like that gave their life for our freedom,” said Jeff Simonides, a member on the Fort Rosecrans Memorial Day Committee. Family members of fallen servicemembers were given roses by the committee to honor their loved ones. Monday marked the 119th Memorial Day ceremony at the national cemetery, which is home to 100,000 graves of service members. 7SanDiego

Red Tide Returns to the Coast

The shores of San Diego are seeing the return of a bioluminescent glow caused by a phenomenon known as the red tide. The algae bloom is filled with phytoplankton called “dinoflagellates.” The organisms react with bioluminescence when jostled by the moving water. It’s unclear exactly how long this year’s red tide will last; however, an algae bloom in September of 2013 lasted a week and a bloom in October of 2011 lasted a month, researchers say. According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the red color of the tide is due to the high number of organisms in the water. abc10News

Suspected Drunk Takes Out Tree at Voltaire & Sunset Cliffs

A suspected drunk driver was arrested after slamming into a tree in Ocean Beach early Wednesday, May 29. The driver lost control of his car and crashed into a tree, cracking it in half near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Voltaire Street at about 2:30 a.m., the San Diego Police Department said. Officers conducted a field sobriety test on the driver and placed him under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. The car landed with its front right tire on top of the stump several feet above the ground. The crash scattered debris across the roadway but crews quickly cleared the roadway and towed the car from the scene. 7SanDiego

The Californian, a luxury property in the Point Loma Lands $21M Refi

The proceeds of the 10-year, fixed-rate commercial financing arranged by HFF will be used to refinance an existing construction loan for The Californian, a luxury property in the city’s Point Loma suburb. HFF has arranged $20.5 million financing for the development of The Californian, a mixed-use development featuring luxury residential and ground-floor retail, in Point Loma.

Built in 2018 on 2.65 acres at 3233 Kemper St., the three-story, elevator-serviced community offers 81 luxury units, as well as 3,137 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 108 parking spaces. The property is seeking LEED certification. The apartments, ranging from studio to three-bedroom units, incorporate high-end finishes. A courtyard with swimming pool highlights the community’s amenity offerings. Multihousing News

Campland by the Bay Wants De Anza

In May, Pacific Beach Planning Group got a pitch from Campland on the Bay advocating its being granted a short-term lease to do clean-up and asbestos removal at the now-abandoned De Anza RV area. “I’m here to present an information item about a short-term clean-up and improvement project for De Anza Cove,” said Jacob Gelfand, vice president of operations for Campland, a year-round, 40-acre Mission Bay destination RV resort with 500-plus RV sites. “The former mobile home park area is in disrepair. The City faces serious challenges there that Campland, hopefully, will be able to play a role in addressing.”

Added Gelfand: “Asbestos there poses a public health threat and an environmental hazard. Campland, on an interim basis, would take over operation of the Mission Bay RV resort. We would work with a specialist contractor to remove all the asbestos in the mobile homes and make them safe.”

If Campland’s proposal is granted, Gelfand vowed to reopen and repaint the bike path that goes around the peninsula of the former mobile home park. “For the first time, we would make connection to the bike paths go all around the park,” he said. “We’d also make repairs to the pool and the clubhouse area, as well as provide a free shuttle. We’re the only ones who have the special expertise to manage this property. We’re in a unique position to be part of the solution.”San Diego Community News Group

OB’s Neighbor, Bay Park, Just Wants to Be Like OB and Have Its Own Identity

Bay Park was around long before there was any movement in Clairemont. Bay Park has history going back to 1877. Clairemont wasn’t developed until the 1950s. Ocean Beach lives next door to the much larger Point Loma community yet retains its own community status; Bay Park just wants that same recognition.” See this SD Reader compilation on Bay Park.

Non-Profits Prep for Enforcement of New Law and Opening of New “Safe Parking Lots”

Together, the nonprofits Dreams for Change and Jewish Family Services provide about 200 spaces for homeless people to legally park overnight. As they brace for enforcement of the new law to begin, both nonprofits have applied for grants from the San Diego Regional Task Force on the Homeless to expand or continue their programs. Staff said there still are a few open spots at the Dreams for Change lots, but expect they may reach capacity because of the new law. The Jewish Family Service is contracted with the city of San Diego to provide 120 spaces, but as of last week they had 130 and did not want to turn anyone away. San Diego Union-Tribune

OB Town Council Mark Winkie is quoted; “Ocean Beach Town Council President Mark Winkie and others said it may be too early to tell if the law has had any effect on neighborhood streets. ‘The community at large hasn’t voiced to us that there’s been a dramatic change yet, but I think it’s a little early to see if there would be a difference,’ he said. ‘I think it will be more of a gradual process.’ ” San Diego Union-Tribune

What Do Low-End Rentals in OB Look Like?

So what does the low-end rent on a rental in Ocean Beach look like these days — and what might you get for your money? There’s a blog that took a recent look at local listings for studios and one-bedroom apartments in Ocean Beach via rental sites Zumper and Apartment Guide, to find out what price-conscious apartment seekers can expect to find in this San Diego neighborhood.

Target – One of Largest Retailers on Planet Earth – Is Hiring Part Timers for OB Store

As of Apr 30, 2018, Target had 1,829 stores in the US; it’s about to open it’s OB store and is looking to hire “a local team of 50 talented team member”. Now, of course, we’re not talking full-time, career-bound jobs – no, we’re talking part time jobs, between 16 and 30 hours a week. Target doesn’t hire full-time employees unless you’re management. Consider these: Target is one of the largest retail companies in the world. And overall, Target employs a massive workforce, with over 350,000 around the planet. In FY 2017, it took in $71.9 Billion. So, Target hires part-timers in order to keep costs of benefits, insurance, etc down. Many Target employees have to have 2 jobs in order to make ends meet. Still interested? Go here. Check out these 15 weird rules Target workers have to follow.

Point Loma Fire Injures Woman

A woman was seriously injured and eight people were displaced when a two-alarm blaze broke out at a two-story apartment complex in Point Loma Friday morning, authorities said. The fire broke out in a second-floor unit above a garage around 7 a.m at the Harbor Villas apartments on Udall Street east of Nimitz Boulevard, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokeswoman Monica Munoz said. Crews evacuated nearby homes and knocked the flames down within 15 minutes.
A woman rescued from the apartment unit was treated at the scene then taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries, 10News reported. Six men and two women who were displaced by the blaze and are being assisted by the American Red Cross, Munoz said. The cause of the fire was under investigation. San Diego Patch

Clean-Up Sat. June 1

OB Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off – June 22

The 40th Annual Ocean Beach Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off Festival offers attendees eclectic fun in the sun for all ages. More than 70,000 visitors will attend the Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off from 10am to 8pm on Saturday, June 22, 2019, for tasty festival nosh, art, beachfront entertainment, shopping, and more. Entry to the Street Fair is always free! The Chili Competition featured tastings from amateur entrants competing for the titles of Hottest Chili, Judges’ Award, and Grand Prize: People’s Choice Award. Vendor Applications: If you have questions about any of our applications, please contact Ocean Beach MainStreet Association at 619-224-4906

City of San Diego Styrofoam Ban In Effect

The City of San Diego rolled out the second phase of the Styrofoam – called polystyrene foam – and single-use plastics ordinance on May 24, a ban on the sale and distribution of egg cartons, food service ware and food trays made from polystyrene foam. The ban includes bowls, plates, trays, cups, lids and other similar items designed for single-use. Polystyrene foam doesn’t biodegrade and can be mistaken for food by marine life and other animals. Acceptable alternatives include recyclable plastic, aluminum and recyclable paper products, the city says. Some businesses that make less than $500,000 are exempt until 2020. 10News

Local Businesses in the “News”

Hidden Gem: Pacific Ocean coup: how Ronald Reagan helped bury a Beach Boy at sea

Minutes after sunset on 4 January 1984, the body of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson entered the Pacific Ocean from the deck of a US Coast Guard ship.

For civilians, burials at sea happen only with approval from a vice admiral or higher authority. That authority, in Wilson’s case, was also one of the biggest Beach Boys fans in America: the former California governor and then US president Ronald Reagan. His intervention appears to be the only time a president ever waded into funereal matters, and now, for the first time, unpublished records obtained from the Reagan Library, the National Archives and the Coast Guard provide a glimpse into the president’s unprecedented overture.

As the band’s lone surfer, Wilson in his prime had embodied the spirit of the California coast on some of the biggest hits of the 60s. … Reagan’s contribution to that legacy dates to April 1983, eight months before Wilson’s death. The Beach Boys had traditionally headlined 4 July celebrations on the National Mall in Washington DC, until interior secretary James Watt banned rock groups from performing that year. Claiming the Beach Boys attracted “the wrong element” to the event, Watt recruited crooner Wayne Newton to perform instead. The decision triggered a wave of bitter protest among fans and those closest to the president – including first lady Nancy Reagan, who phoned the band to apologise.

Two months later, the Reagans invited the Beach Boys to play a Special Olympics benefit at the White House. More at The Guardian

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Oldob June 1, 2019 at 1:09 pm

Looking forward to seeing how the former auto body parcel is improved. As far as target, I guess you think that it would be better for target to increase its operating cost and consequently prices so much that it ultimately can’t compete
, goes out of business and all of those people who could have had part time work and the money that work generates ultimately have no job at all. Just wait until that $15 per hour minimum wage you love so much compels employers to automate, hence eliminating the job all together. Not every job is meant to be a career. It every job is meant to include a pension or health benefits. If you can’t afford a family don’t have one. If you can’t afford to live at the beach don’t move there and then complain. Move somewhere you can afford. But don’t manage your life irresponsibly and then look to corporations to bail you out. It’s not target’s responsibility to carry its employees. It’s their responsibility to pay a market wage. If you don’t like the wage, work somewhere else.


Vern June 3, 2019 at 10:41 am

“… But don’t manage your life irresponsibly and then look to corporations to bail you out…” Seriously?
Seems like the reverse has been true for many years, (not so secret, taxpayers have been bailing out corporations)…
AIG, GM,Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fago, GMAC, Chrysler, Goldman Sachs, and the list goes on…

“… Target has sought, and received, hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies from states and local communities around the U.S. Many of these deals have involved the company’s distribution centers….”

Problems start at the top.


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