Woman Left for Dead at Sunset Cliffs Sues City – Alleges 911 Dispatchers Ignored Calls

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Last April 12, a woman in her twenties was found on the Ladera Street stairs at Sunset Cliffs bleeding from gunshot wounds around 7 in the morning. A passerby found her and called police. Initially listed in critical condition, she was in stable condition after she had undergone surgery. Yet what happened to her remained a mystery.

She was conscious when police arrived and with multiple wounds to her head and lower body. She initially claimed she didn’t know what had happened or who had shot her. Later news reports stated the young woman was shot by someone she knew – that she had been targeted – but police could not reveal by whom or why.

About a month later, – in May 2018 – the fog around the mystery started to lift. We reported then:

According to her mother – daughter Mya, 19, had been kidnapped by three alleged gang members who attempted to kill her – who have since been arrested. … It all began, [the mother] said, on April 11 when she got a call apparently from her daughter saying she had been kidnapped, was being held for ransom and asked her mother for $2,500. Jill sensed something was wrong. But she was thousands of miles away. She said:

“My daughter would never call me asking for that kind of money because it was her voice, she was calling me, but I could hear people in the background telling her what to say.”

Mya was found with 3 gunshot wounds on the 12th. The mother stated:

“She spent four hours laying in the ocean water at the bottom of Sunset Cliffs. She was severely hypothermic and they said they didn’t expect her to make it.”

Mya had wounds in her neck, upper body, a ruptured spine; she does not have feeling in her arms and legs or from her chest down.

But when she regained consciousness in the hospital, Mya gave detectives names and identities of her kidnappers, 1 woman and 2 men, who were all arrested May 4. They face charges of kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder in connection with the shooting of Mario Serhan in Chula Vista.

Fast foward – as they say – to today.

Mya. Photo credit: Gofundme page

Mya Hendrix – now a quadriplegic – is suing the City of San Diego – alleging the 911 dispatchers ignored her mother’s calls. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

A woman who suffered three gunshot wounds last spring that left her a quadriplegic is suing San Diego for gross negligence, contending that police dispatchers failed to take seriously multiple 9-1-1 calls from her mother.

Mya Hendrix, who was shot during a kidnapping by gang members in April, says in the lawsuit that city dispatchers are partly responsible for her injuries because they deemed the situation a “non-emergency” and a scam, despite multiple calls from the then 19-year-old’s mother.

Three suspected gang members – Cesar Alvarado, Michael Pedraza and Britney Canal – have since been charged in the case, which was part of an alleged crime spree that also left a Chula Vista businessman dead.

An online fundraising page has been set up to help with medical and travel costs. The page states the following:

There’s more to the dispatcher story. Check it out.



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