Point Loma Brewer: Gov’t Shutdown Could Adversely Affect San Diego Craft Beer Industry

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in Ocean Beach

Screen grab from NBC7

The head brewer at Bay City Brewing Company in Point Loma, Austin Pinder, complains that the Federal government shut-down could adversely affect the entire craft beer industry in San Diego.

Pinder told 7SanDiego the Federal agency’s offices that handle new beer labels are closed as part of the shutdown. Yet, every new beer label requires federal approval.  Pinder said:

“The Tax and Trade Bureau requires government mandated things on beer labels like alcohol content. It also requires that the content on the packaging is unoffensive.”

Pinder claimed Bay City Brewing Company comes out with up to 30 new beers a year. Plus, other new craft breweries trying to open in San Diego’s heavy bud market could be hurt by the closing of the government. They need their approvals but if delayed for weeks, they could suffer financial damage.  He added:

“With the government shutdown you have people in our city dependent on paychecks that may not be getting them. Craft beer is a luxury item.”

The federal government shut-down has entered its 20th day and is on the verge of being the longest ever government shut-down. The Trump administration and its friends claim they like beer, but with this closure of key agencies, this could be another fiction expressed by the White House.

The shut-down was Trump’s doing, all because he refuses to bargain and negotiate with Democratic Party leaders over his demand for $5.7 Billion to build that medieval wall.



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