Midway District Man Gravely Wounded by Police Is ‘Up-and-Coming Rapper’

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in Ocean Beach

Ryan Bowers was on hard times, apparently. On New Year’s Eve he posted on Facebook, “My life is so stupid.” The 23-year old lived in the Midway District with family. Yet his life got even worse.

On Thursday night, January 3, he allegedly cut his own throat; family members called police; police arrived – confronted him as he refused to drop a knife, and he was then shot multiple times. He now has life-threatening wounds and may not survive.

Yet it turns out Ryan Bowers is described as “an up-and-coming rapper” and is signed to Nick Cannon’s label. Cannon has know him for years.

According to Fox5 news:

Nick Cannon, who’s known Bowers for years, shared a picture with Bowers and R&B singer Kehlani with a lengthy caption late Monday night.

The picture was taken on a music video shoot for Cannon’s song ‘Dance Floor,’ in which the rap group appeared. The song was dedicated to Mariah Carey. The two were married from 2008-2016. Bowers and Oakland native Kehlani were in a rap group together called ‘PWD’ about 5 years ago, according to Cannon.

In the post, Cannon started that having to write the post hurt his heart. Cannon described Bowers as “one of the most talented and gifted youngsters” he had ever met, as well as “one of the most resilient and strong spirits,” he has witnessed. He asked for his nearly 3 million followers for prayers and positive energy, ending the post optimistic that Bowers will pull through.

Ryan Bowers on left.

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Guess who January 12, 2019 at 1:44 am

wow this post that you guys are reading is such a class act Nick Cannon’s artist Nick Cannon hasn’t even messed with this man for you for what 2 years so when they say he’s up and coming artists you should really check out his music because he’s already been an artist second of all all of a sudden Nick Cannon is like the highlight of this whole situation I wonder how much money he’s really getting out of this situation it’s sad and I’m about to post it right now


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