Activists Protest County Supervisors’ Anti-Immigrant Scheme

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Photo by Kathy Statler - Supes protest 4 17 2018

According to Indivisible activists, about 100 – 150 people rallied this morning at a press conference held on the steps of the County Administration Building to protest opposition to the anticipated Supervisor vote on whether to oppose Brown’s sanctuary laws.

After the rally – where a number of people spoke – the crowd went upstairs to the Supervisor’s chambers on the 3rd floor. There were so many people that the spill-over room had to be used.

Credit Kathy Statler Supes protest 4 17 2018

Indivisible activists from the 49th Congressional District who usually meet outside Rep. Darrell Issa’s office on Tuesdays rented a bus to attend the protest and vote.

Credit Kathy Statler Supes protest 4 17 2018

According – again – to Indivisible activists, Supervisor chair Kaspar intentionally placed the controversial item at the end of the agenda and their vote on it is not expected for hours. Once the public comments are over – the Supes are expected to excuse themselves and meet privately to vote on the matter. The reason? They consider it a legal matter – subject to a non-public vote. Which is bullshit, according to Indivisible activists.

Photos by Kathy Stadler

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Andrea Paysinger April 17, 2018 at 3:06 pm

Maybe those county “leaders” and all those in the cities who are against the State Sanctuary Law DON’T MIND PAYING $5.00 FOR A TOMATO but I do and so do all of my neighbors.
There are NOT bunches of CRIMINALS being released in communities, THAT IS A TRUMP LIE, PROPAGANDA TO PUSH HIS ANTI-IMMIGRANT agenda against BROWN PEOPLE!
They sure as HELL are not going after the far more NUMEROUS, WHITE, EASTERN EUROPEAN men who are here ILLEGALLY – that flew in on commercial air lines with TOURIST VISAS AND THEN DID NOT GO HOME.
These are real criminals, bad guys who kidnap, extort, blackmail and do home invasion robberies.
The IDIOTS who want to let ICE have control of their cities are STUPID. When CALIFORNIA loses 20 or 30 BILLION DOLLARS IN FOOD PRODUCTION because of these stupid actions, ARE THEY GOING TO PROVIDE AFFORDABLE FOODS FOR THE ELDERLY AND POOR in their communities? Are they going to feed CHILDREN?
These SHORT-SIGHTED acts are ridiculous and I predict the asses who push for them will be out of office after the inevitable CRASH.


Frank Gormlie April 17, 2018 at 8:23 pm

Actually, I said it was “bullshit” and the Indivisible activists agreed. They also said Nathan Fletcher, candidate for County Supervisor, came by the event; no other candidate did for that seat.


Fanny Garvey April 18, 2018 at 7:38 pm

Just want to reply to the comment about “illegal” Middle Eastern “white” men who are “criminals.” As well as the “we need undocumented workers to keep this state viable.”
Let me just say this:
1. The Chadlean refugees from Iraq are actually legal immigrants. They run businesses and contribute to the community.
2. There are a lot of students from the Arab world who are here legally. They contribute millions of dollars to the economy in rent and consumer purchases as well as tuition, books, and supplies.
3. There are other refugees from the “Middle East” (which BTW is not an actual place, it’s just an inaccurate description of a wide varied group of nations in a certain part of the world) who also have “documents” and contribute positively to the communities they live in.
4. We do not need undocumented workers who are exploited and treated unfairly. We need all working people to have whatever “documents” they need to be treated as our equals — which they are, in every way. And we also need better pay for agricultural workers, as well as most working class people. To say it’s “OK” for “undocumented” people to work in low paid jobs with no labor rights is simply not a good statement to make.
5. We must be wary of making broad generalizations about immigrants. This leads to more prejudice against them.
Just saying that if we are going to support immigrants let’s do it in a way that does not make generalizations about any group of them.
Thank you for reading my opinion.


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