Just How Many Torrey Pines Will Be Planted at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park?

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UPDATE: Contractor Tells OB Rag 51 Torrey Pines Will Be Planted at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

The OB Rag has just been contacted by Keith Adamek,vice-president of Silverstrand Construction – mentioned below – that the number of Torrey Pines trees they will plant is 51.


Virginia Wilson of Save Peninsula Trees told this reporter that the company working on developing Sunset Cliffs Natural Park had pledged to plant 130 Torrey Pine trees within the park. She had heard this number at the recent meeting of the citizens’ council that oversees the park from a representative of the company, Silverstrand Construction.

The planting of Torrey Pines is mentioned several times in the Master Plan for the Sunset Cliffs park – which is great. OBceans love Torrey Pines – and fight to keep them. This would truly be wonderful news if the city and the contractor were planning on planting that many of the protected species, the Torrey Pine.

After leaving a message for Douglas Ledsam, project manager for the company at the park, Keith Adamek, vice-president of Silverstrand Construction returned my call. I asked him just how many Torrey Pines were being planted and where in the new designs for the Natural Park were the Torreys going to be located.

Adamek did confirm Torrey Pines were included in the plan for landscaping – but he couldn’t give me a number or any locations. He did find a list of the trees to be planted and said he would email it to me. (As of this writing, I have not received it.)

He did tell me that the Eucalyptus grove in the park is being being cut down today – and he quickly added, “it’s the only thing being cut down.”

Meanwhile workers continue their tasks for the Hillside Improvement Project at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, which is Phase 2 of the Master Plan. (Go here for the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Master Plan .)

As the San Diego Reader has documented, heavy equipment has been moved into the park and has begun grading the new trail system and other restorations. The old Eucalyptus grove – dying off for years due to bark-beetle infestation – as mentioned is being removed now. One goal is to restore the native coastal sage scrub and maritime chaparral habitats. Plus new trails will mainly follow existing trails, and the new ones will have enhanced surfaces.

Kyle Inse, biologist on the project, told the Reader the plan is to install “20,000 native plants”. Currently, the Ladera Street parking lot is closed to the public and will remain so until June.  However, pedestrians are still allowed to traverse the park except around the areas where work is taking place.

In a second Reader article, Ellen Quick – the trails committee chairperson for the park advisory council – was quoted extensively by writer Jimi Olsen about the future trails and other changes. Quick stated:

“Walking in the park should be similar to how it is now, only better and safer. You’ll be able to walk safely with your kids and grandparents all the way to the Navy boundary. Think Torrey Pines Reserve, not Mission Bay Park. No concrete, no picnic tables, no playgrounds. There are a few benches — ipe wood, exactly the same as those in the linear section. The overlooks are natural dirt, too — no concrete.

“Thirty-five acres will be revegetated with native plants. That’s going to bring more birds, more wildlife. The former ballfield area will be restored and graded to natural contours. It’s going to be awesome. A place for whatever is special when you walk in a beautiful place — connecting with someone or solitude, planning the future or reminiscing about the past, being inspired by the beauty of the cliffs and coastal bluffs and ocean, and so much more. It really is implementation of the master plan, restoring what this area once was.”

San Diego Reader

When I hear back about the Torrey Pines, I’ll let you know. Below is a map of the new trail system.

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Cliffhanger March 9, 2018 at 1:52 pm

thanks for posting the link to the master plan. surfed AB today, so it’s nice to see the eventual goals laid out and be reassured.


obsurfer March 12, 2018 at 1:29 pm

its tough seeing all the bulldozing and tree chopping but it sounds like the result will be pretty great. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the lot. Also I haven’t heard any mention of improved access to the beach at garbage. Seems like the city might do something with that.


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