County Announces Restrictions for Border Protests During Trump’s Visit to San Diego

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US Government aerial photo of area near prototypes

Editor’s Note: The County of San Diego has announced Temporary Area Restrictions in the area near the Border Wall prototypes effective March 9 -16. Via the Times of San Diego, here’s their release directed at people planning to demonstrate during Trump’s visit.

It has been widely advertised that there will be a Presidential visit to San Diego during the second week of March. This visit may prompt individuals and groups with contrasting opinions to gather in the area near the Border Wall Prototype Construction in Otay Mesa.

In preparation for demonstrations and in an effort to protect the rights of citizens to peacefully protest, the Sheriff has requested and been granted Temporary Area Restrictions by the San Diego County Assistant Chief Administrative Officer. Anyone found to be in violation of these Temporary Area Restrictions will be prosecuted pursuant to County Regulatory Code sections 32.1501 and 11.116.

Any individuals who possess any or any combination of the following items, in the area specified, will be in violation of this Code; firearms, knives, daggers, clubs, pepper spray, mace, axes, picks, axe and pick handles, explosives, slingshots, bricks, rocks, baseball bats, shields, ice picks, fireworks, Tasers, bear spray, poles, sticks, dowels, boards (including, but not limited to when used for flags, signs and banners), glass bottles or containers, and any items generally considered as an implement of riot that can be used as a weapon for example chains or hose.

Those items are restricted in the area described as the East side of Enrico Fermi Drive from Airway Road to Via de la Amistad; Enrico Fermi Place; Airway Road; Siempre Viva Road; the Public Road from Airway Road to Siempre Viva Road (appears on Google Maps as Kellianne Way) and Via de la Amistad east of Enrico Fermi Drive.

The Sheriff’s Department will make an effort to allow individuals possessing these items to return them to their vehicles, or to dispose of them prior to entry into the restricted area.

Anyone who refuses to do so and found to be in possession of any of the items will be charged with applicable laws and removed from the site. These items will include poles attached to flags, etc.

County Regulatory Code section 32.1602 prohibits the unauthorized operation of unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, in, over and around an area subject to a Temporary Area Restriction.

Additionally, no camping or other loitering will be allowed and all applicable trespass laws will be enforced.

The following streets will be posted as no parking zones beginning March 9 – March 16, 2018:

• The east side of Enrico Fermi Drive from Airway Rd to Via De La Amistad
• The north and south sides of Airway Road, east of Enrico Fermi Drive to Kellianne Way
• Enrico Fermi Place from Enrico Fermi Drive to Kellianne Way
• Siempre Viva Rd east of Enrico Fermi Drive

The following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning March 9 – March 16, 2018:
• Siempre Viva Rd east of the CHP Inspection Facility driveway
• Kellianne Way to Siempre Viva Road
• Enrico Fermi Place from Enrico Fermi Drive to Kellianne Way will be closed to all traffic with the exception of authorized construction vehicles.

Those wishing to enter the area are encouraged to park west of the above locations as only
pedestrians will be allowed to enter the areas listed.

It is the intent of the Sheriff’s Department to provide an area that is safe for all individuals to peacefully exercise their right to protest.

The County Government’s press office, which is bigger than most media newsrooms in San Diego does not recognize the existence of alternative publications. This notice is posted as a public service.


This was reposted from our sister site, the San Diego Free Press.

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unwashedwallmartThong March 9, 2018 at 9:07 pm

It’s time to bring back those good ol’ “free speech zones” of yesteryear.


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