Ocean Beach Lifeguard Reports Are Serious, Hilarious and Thought-Provoking

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Lifeguards at OB. Photo by Annie Lane.

Sometimes the column Daniel Powell writes at San Diego Reader is hilarious, and more often serious and thought-provoking when he repeats verbatim local Lifeguard reports.

Powell, son of OBcean Gail Powell, writes a weekly column that we find fascinating.  Here are some quotes from only OB or Point Loma lifeguard reports:

Lifeguard reports for December 25 to January 1

Dec 31

13:08 Enforcement: Reporting person observes 3 people possibly taking abalone from reef at Garbage. Lifeguard investigates, unable to locate.

Dec 30

09:46 Enforcement: Person exposing himself on beach. Lifeguards respond, unable to locate subject.

Dec 29

14:25 Medical: Lifeguard requests medics for a 25 year-old patient with an altered level of consciousness. Emergency and medical units respond and transport patient to UCSD.

Dec 28

10:47 Medical: Surfer with loss of consciousness from a leg injury at Ocean Beach. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond. Medics transport to Scripps.

Dec 27

18:26 Boating: 911 caller reports diesel fuel being pumped out of the bilge of a 45’ vessel at Driscoll Boat Yard. Possible fuel in the bilge. Lifeguard units respond and shut off fuel supply lines and turn off batteries stopping the flow. Driscoll employee assumes responsibility for situation and lifeguards clear scene.

Dec 25

15:38 Cliff: 911 caller reports 3 people rappelling at Sunset Cliffs Blvd and Adair St. Lifeguard responds and makes warnings.

Lifeguard Reports November 28 – December 10

Dec. 10

13:41 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to Littlerock Jetty for surfer with shoulder injury. Patient transported to UCSD

13:38 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to beach under Ocean Beach Pier for 20 year-old male for head injury from 6’ fall. Person is unconscious and breathing. Subject regains consciousness and elopes.

14:51 Swimming: Lifeguard responds to 911 call of possible swimmer in distress off Del Mar Ave. and calls clear after witnessing swimmer in wetsuit with good stroke.

21:12 Boating: Lifeguards, rescue, Fed Fire, Navy Security, and SDPD respond to Coast Guard request for help (via SD Fire-Rescue Dispatch) with 18’ runabout with two uninjured persons on board aground south of Pt. Loma Tide Pools. Boat operator can’t get boat re-launched. Coast Guard refuses to respond. Lifeguard makes initial Fr and person on board non-compliant, refusing to leave their boat and come up cliff with lifeguard. Coast Guard and Navy Security not sure whose jurisdiction this is under. SDPD requested. Lifeguards clear and leave enforcement in hands of Navy Security at 12:13hrs.

Dec 9

16:05 Boating: Ocean Beach lifeguards requests surfboat for 2 persons in distress at the pier. Surfboat cancelled Ocean Beach lifeguards make rescue.

Dec 7

09:10 Boating: Lifeguard boat unit responds to Coast Guard request to undertake tow of disabled vessel off Mission Bay Channel. Joint Harbor Operations Center notified of possible illegal activity. Vessel towed to lifeguard reception dock. SDPD clears vessel and boat remains at dock awaiting Vessel Assist.

12:51 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to Adair at Osprey for non-breather. Fire handles.

16:32 Medical: Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond to Ocean Beach Tower for altered level of consciousness. Patient elopes.

Dec 2

10:55 Medical: Traumatic injuries 60 year-old male surfing accident laceration under eye. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond fire medics to handle.

16:01 Medical: Traumatic Injury, dislocated shoulder, 30 year-old male at Froude & Sunset Cliffs. Lifeguard, emergency and medical units respond fire medics to handle.

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Dave January 22, 2018 at 11:38 pm

“Altered level of consciousness…”


OBcean Gail Powell June 3, 2018 at 7:28 pm

I am sure that Daniel Powell, the Reader writer, is a lovely fellow. He seems to enjoy the great outdoor life and the ocean as much as I do. But the only son I seem to recall popping out is one named Justin Powell, who also once wrote a few stories for The Reader back in the day. Now I would consider adopting this Daniel Powell, if he is looking for a mom but I have to be honest: I don’t have much in the way of money or an inheritance to offer him. He may want to stick with the OM (Original Mom) on that.


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