City Takes Over Ebers – Greene Street Project in Ocean Beach – Begins Clean-up

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in Ocean Beach

Crew cleaning up site. All photos by Mick Rush

Fire and Disturbances With Neighbors Over Weekend Culminate in Crack-Down

Today Monday, after a rocky weekend at the infamous Ebers – Greene Street project – during which both fire and police department units were called –  the City of San Diego has taken over the property and begun a clean-up of the site and a securing of the skeleton of the two-story building.

Code Enforcement representatives and a private contracting clean-up crew arrived early today at 2269 Ebers to seize the site after the owner, Curtis Nelson, failed to abide by the City’s Notice of Public Nuisance by the deadline, which was Friday, November 17th. The City had demanded Nelson clean up and deal with all the trash and debris and cover up all the openings by the deadline – he was given 2 weeks – which he clearly failed to do.

According to neighbors, a fire was set inside the open garage – where people had been living – and Engine No. 15 responded and put it out. About an hour later, a police unit arrived and apparently cited at least one homeless guy who had set up camp inside the buildling.

Inspector on second floor.

At least one guy  began yelling and cursing at neighbors before he ran off. In general, nearby residents had to contend with this kind of disturbances over the weekend. At least one hypodermic needle was found on the site.

The crew this morning was carting off the debris, with plans to install a fence around the site. The fence Nelson had up for  years was removed recently for failure by him to pay the fence company. Ever since, the site has been an open and festering sore along a well-traveled feeder street in OB. There is one rumor that the city will demolish the building.

Hypodermic needle found on site.

Evidence of people living on the property has been reported to authorities for weeks – which resulted in the nuisance notice and order.

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