City Declares Ebers and Greene Public Nuisance and Demands Owner Clean It Up in 2 Weeks

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in Ocean Beach

A little after 2pm on Thursday, November 2nd, a Notice of Abatement was attached to the abandoned building at Ebers and Greene streets by the City of San Diego.

Addressed to Nelco Properties, LLC, it notified the owner at 2269 Ebers that representatives of the City’s Code Enforcement Division and the Development Services Department had inspected the property on October 17th and had found it to be a vacate building with graffiti and lots of trash. The inspectors found enough threats on the property to the public ‘s health and safety that they declared it to be a public nuisance pursuit to a number of Municipal and State codes.

The Notice requires “immediate actions” and gives Nelco Properties until November 17th to clean up the site and secure all the openings on the building.

This action by the City was prompted in large part by numerous complaints by local neighbors, pressure on Councilwoman’s Zapf’s office by citizens and most recently, a letter from the OB Planning Board chair demanding the site to be declared a public nuisance and dealt with.

The Notice was dated November 2, 2017 and addressed to :

Nelco Properties, LLC
1611 S. Melrose Drive, #114
Vista, CA 92081

Here is the text:

Notice of Abatement
Vacant and Unsecured Structure

Photos by Aly.

Legal Notice and Order from the City of San Diego Code, Development Services Department, Code Enforcement Division

A representative of the Code Enforcement Division and Development Services Department inspected this property on October 23, 2017, and found the structure(s) to be vacate with evidence of graffiti, trash, and debris on the property. The structure(s) pose(s) a serious threat to the public ‘s health and safety and is hereby declared to be a public nuisance in accordance with San Diego Municipal Code Section (SDMC) 54.0301 and the California Health and Safety Code Section 17920.3.

These conditions violate SDMC Section 54.0306. In addition, San Diego Police Department reports evidence of transients at this location. The overall conditions of the site constitute a public nuisance and a threat to the public’s health and safety pursuant to SDMC Section 121.0404(g).

Immediate Actions Required of You

A. You are required to remove all litter, rubbish and debris from the property.  You shall board and secure EVERY UNSECURED OPENING IN THE STRUCTURE and clean the site by November 17, 2017. You must secure the property to the following specifications:

All waste and rubbish and all accumulated debris that pose a fire or health hazard within or upon the property or premises shall be permanently removed.


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